Justin Bieber Wears Women's Clothes, and He's Not Alone

Kanye WestAll eyes were on Kanye West at the Coachella music festival last April, not just because of his music, but because he performed in a women's silk blouse by Celine.

Kanye was just one of several male celebs spotted in women's clothing lately. The latest aficionado?

Justin Bieber.

The teen king admitted this week to wearing women's jeans.

"I've worn women's jeans before because they fit me," he told Life & Style magazine. "It's not a trend; it's just, whatever works, works."

Want to see which other male celebs have been wearing women's clothes lately?

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At the MTV Video Music Awards, the pants Lil Wayne performed in were exposed in New York Magazine as women's jeggings. After this revelation, the jeggings quickly sold out on Karmaloop.com and a Twitter account, @waynes_jeggings, was created.

And last year, rocker Pete Wentz admitted to wearing then-wife Ashlee's clothes and sister-in-law Jessica's denim jacket.

Perhaps the king of celebrity cross-dressing, though, is Katy Perry's husband Russell Brand, who routinely wears skinny jeans, "guyliner," and women's tank tops and skirts.

Could this trend be mainstream by next year?

Will our own husbands and boyfriends soon be heading to work in poufy skirts and feather-trimmed headbands?

What do you think?

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