Missoni for Target Sold Out Everywhere Except Here

ebayIf you like stripes, bold colors, and long lines, then I'm sure you've heard about the Missoni for Target collection that crashed Target's website and sent fashion fans into a ravenous feeding frenzy. Missoni lovers on a budget were just trying to get their hands on an item, any item, from the coolest collaboration since Ben and Jerry teamed up, but the site's malfunction and the store's long lines (reportedly, there were even some fights!) prevented a lot of people from buying anything. But, friends? When there's a will, there's a way.

As of right now, there are about 24,490 pieces of the Missoni for Target collection on eBay.


There are some enterprising young men and women out there who had the forethought (and the fore-capital) to purchase thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of Missoni for Target in the wee hours of the morning, then spend the afternoon taking photos and uploading their newly purchased wares to eBay. And I mean they were up early -- apparently by 7 a.m. the site had crashed, and supposedly some stores were sold out of everything by 8 a.m.

So if you don't mind getting your things off eBay, there's a whole wide world of Missoni for Target to choose from out there on the famous bid and win site. I have my eye on the Missoni laptop bag ... may the highest bidder win.

I think the fact that there's an enormous second home for Missoni for Target is just a testament to the collaboration's power. If the site crash and bare shelves weren't enough to let Target and Missoni execs know that they done did good, the amount of clothes on eBay should do the trick. I've never thought that second-tier outlets like Gilt Groupe or eBay were ever bad for a brand -- I've always believed they increase brand awareness and cultivate more demand for the designer products. Hopefully Target agrees.

Because I would hate to see them somehow put a kibosh on this incredible eBay market.

Would you buy Missoni for Target on eBay?

Photo via brianc/Flickr

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