Missoni for Target: Six-Week Collection Nearly Sells Out in One Day

TargetThe Missoni for Target release yesterday was fairly shocking to me as a style blogger.

I knew that people out there were excited, but I had no idea to what lengths people would go to get their hands on the Missoni merchandise.

Not only was Target's site completely inaccessible for most of the day due to the high volume of online shoppers, but by the time I did manage to get on to the site at around 9:30 last night, almost everything was already sold out -- including the kids' clothes! In fact, the Chicago Tribune is reporting that the line sold out nearly everywhere yesterday -- online and in stores.

To understand how this could have happened, check out some of the comments from shoppers that checked in with me throughout the day yesterday. You won't believe some of what you'll read!


Some readers reported scenes of total mayhem yesterday at their local Targets:

Girl, my friend Megan's BFF had to throw elbows in a NYC Target to get a handbag. -@beccarah5, Twitter

I was at my local Target at 8:10 and ALL of the clothes and housewares were gone!! There were a few kids items and some sticky notes left! People were in line at 2am and rushed the doors when the store opened. There were a few shoppers (obviously early birds) with carts LOADED to the brim strolling around with smug looks on their faces. Not a fun morning... -Shelley C, The Stir reader

Ok, so I went to my local Target and it was cray-zay! Women were just piling in any and all of the Missoni stuff in their cart.... No regard for what it actually was. If it was part of the line, in the cart it went. One lady had three full carts. THREE. -Gertie, The Stir reader

Not planning to buy them for myself, got some for my girl. All the adult sizes were sold out in the 3 local stores near me.  -Elizabeth, The Stir reader

In other parts of the country, the Missoni line didn't get much attention at all:

I just went to the Brentwood (Tennessee) Target and they had quite a few things. I wasn't impressed. -@jlcastleman, Twitter

Strangely enough, I didn't intend to "shop the collection" but I stopped at Target this morning after a doctor's appointment because I had something to return. The store was actually quite dead. I saw the Missoni display near the entrance and one other woman was browsing the nearly full rack of scarves and accessories.... When I got to the checkout, there was one woman with a cart absolutely heaped with one of everything. Then I said "Ohhhhh..." When I got home, I read about the Target website crash and all the crazed shoppers on the East Coast. Then I saw how much people are charging for the stuff on eBay and wondered if I should go back and buy up whatever was left. -Monzie, The Stir reader

And of course, many of those shoppers with heaped carts got home and immediately put their purchases up for auction on eBay ...

I just went and looked on ebay out of straight curiosity and holy crap! I can't believe people are seriously going to pay those prices for Target clothes.....It makes me want to go buy some (there is still plenty at my Target) and sell it on ebay too! -Sweetcherry, The Stir reader

What really shocked me was how much some readers confessed to spending on the collection ...

I ordered everything online at 6:15am this morning and got all I wanted. About $900 worth of stuff. Hope the crash did not affect my order, though! -Anna, The Stir reader

SCORED all my Missoni stuff this morning! Got no sleep (used alarm to check website every hour since midnight!) and GOT IN AT 6:16AM!! My first order went smoothly but then the site started slowing down aka CRASHING so I tried a million different ways and what worked was clicking on the "Compare" button and then buying up everything I wanted that way, three items at a time. Took a bit longer but spent about $2K and got everything on my list. Christmas here we come! -IStop ToShop, The Stir reader

So what do you think of all this Missoni for Target madness? Did you score anything from the line? What do you think of the quality of the merchandise?


Image via Target

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