Ali Lohan Is the New Ashlee Simpson


ashlee simpson and ali lohanAshlee Simpson, left, and Ali Lohan

Ali Lohan, Lindsay's 17-year-old younger sister, got a new face over the summer, yet can't admit it. We first saw her new visage when she left a hair salon with Lindsay a week ago, and since then, Ali's bizarre metamorphosis has been talked about and dissected by everyone from parent-of-the-year candidate, Dina Lohan (who says that Ali's just growing up!), to E!'s resident plastic surgeon, Dr. Rey. He thinks that Ali's gone under the knife. To which I say, no shit Sherlock.

And it's not like we haven't seen this happen before. The decision to drastically change one's looks when one's older sister is a major star is something Ashlee Simpson knows a lot about.

Journey with me back to 2006 when Jessica's sister little sister, Ashlee, had an about-face. One moment she's the punk rocker chick with black or orange or pink hair, and the next she's lost 15 pounds, gotten a new nose, new cheeks, new chin, new lips, and new blonde hair -- and denying that she's changed in the least. Oh yeah, remember in her interviews she'd be all Maybe I did, maybe I didn't? It was so annoying -- possibly even more annoying than her lip sync fiasco on SNL. But at least on that SNL stage, she looked human.

Clearly, all that plastic surgery didn't really help Ashlee's career that much. I mean, it seems like all she does is go on coffee runs wearing a fedora and sunglasses. Maybe Ali should take notice. A new face does not a more exciting career make.

I know that having a generally-perceived-to-be-better-looking older sister can be hard to deal with -- add to that a splash of fame and a less than supportive family structure and you've got self-confidence issues that grow like kudzu. And just like the stubborn vine, those issues are impossible to get rid of. It's too bad that both Ali and Ashlee don't realize that face alterations won't change a thing. Beauty comes from within, 'member?

It's also sad that neither Ashlee nor Ali will admit to going under the knife. Because, really? No one thinks this is just a "growth spurt."

What do you think?

Photo via Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty and Splash News

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Wish2Be Wish2Be

I dont think she has gone under the nife to be honest...the picture is identical. She got a new make over thats all. Her eyebrows finally got trimmed...she got some make up to bring out her color and an amazing hair style ! :) Way to go Ali !

nonmember avatar carolyn

I don't know that I'd put Ali Lohan's extreme (and extremely terrifying) new appearance and Ashlee Simpson's obvious nose job in the same category. Ashlee Simpson still essentially looked like the same person, just better. Ali Lohan looks like a different person and, as I mentioned, terrifying.

daerc... daerca574

I'm not a fan.

nonmember avatar Morgan

I don't get why Ashlee Simpson (and many others that did the same thing) didn't just say yeah I got a nose job did you not see the honker I had? Yeah it's what's on the inside blah blah blah but we are all guilty of a little vanity and if you have the money to fix that thing that's always bugging you go for it. Just stop acting like everyone is high and totally forgot what you looked like last month. Thanks

Courtney Paige Neale

It is sad that they won't admit it because its painfully obvious to the rest of us. I'd have more respect for them both if they came out and said "Hey, I wasn't happy with the way I looked so I changed it. Next question."

cocob... cocobeannns

I thought Ashlee had admitted to the nose job, but used the common excuse for a deviated septum? Maybe I'm mistaken. But, I don't think the two compare really. Ali is scarry skinny and does not even look like herself. Ashlee had a nose job and I believe a chin reduction (?). She looks like a better version of herself, not a worse one.

Bugzm... Bugzmomma

That was scary.

Gypsy... GypsyMa76

I agree with cocobeannns

ms_mo... ms_morgan

I would like to see another picture of Ali before I start calling "plastic surgery".  Everyone is going off this one photo, and we ALL know how photos can be misleading.  Maybe if more popped up of her, especially face on, it would be easier to call her out.  The fact that all this hullabaloo is about ONE photograph?  I personally don't think she had anything done.

hutch... hutchfam2007

Agree with cocoabeans.

By comparing her picture with an older version of her, I do think she has had work done. I also think it affected her looks negatively. She looks like the cookiecutter hollywoodite now. Some changes I noticed by comparing pics: the tip of her nose is higher now, her eyes are more open and her eyebrow arch is higher, she also has a much fuller bottom lip.

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