'The Rachel Zoe Project' Recap: Joey Maalouf Could Make or Break Jeremiah

The Rachel Zoe PrjoectIt could have been a bit difficult to feel any empathy for Rachel Zoe as she debuted her first fashion line to editors and buyers tonight on The Rachel Zoe Project, as we all know we can walk into our local Neiman Marcus today and see oodles of her of gorgeous frocks. But her nerves and fear were so real, I was nervous for her that she might fail ... even though in real life her new spring collection is debuting at Fashion Week. Reality TV so needs to work on that time lag thing.

She said it was the scariest thing she'd ever done, and even though everything went better than she could have hoped (as it pretty much always seems to in her life), she said she'll "always be the girl who thinks nobody is coming to her party." I so get that, and I think that's why she's likable ... at least to those who don't detest her.


I love her clothes; they're pricey, but if I had the funds, there are plenty I'd scoop up without a thought. You couldn't help but feel happy for her success -- that people actually did come to her party. And she seemed genuinely grateful to all who helped get her there.

Of course, in giving thanks to her employees, she neglected to include a word for new boy on the block, Jeremiah Brent, which hurt his feelings. Not to hurt them any further, but he just is no Brad. While he's pretty to look at, he didn't even know what hoop earrings were. Plus, he just seems a little too over-eager and anxious for Rachel's liking. I'm guessing he'll find his groove because he's still with Rachel in "real life," so he must not have gotten the axe like I may have predicted after this show if I didn't know better. But he has a long way to go.

Then there's Joey Maalouf, Rachel's makeup artist and BFF, who Rodger convinced to move to L.A. In exchange for money, a Mercedes, and a place to live, he gets to spend the rest of Rachel's pregnancy by her side doing her makeup ... and I'm not really sure what else. He didn't seem sure either, but Rachel adores him, and Rodger was hell bent on getting him there. In the end, he relented, though it didn't seem there was ever a drop of sincere hesitation in his California dream-filled head. And thank goodness, because someone has got to provide some more entertainment than Mandana. She may be good at her job, but wow is she boring as hell to watch.

I'm just wondering what kind of drama and/or romance could play out between Joey and Jeremiah. Joey is certainly territorial when it comes to Rachel, and Jeremiah is bound and determined to succeed, so they could end up the best of friends or the opposite. It seems Rachel liking Jeremiah will largely be determined by if Joey likes him. The fact that they showed up to lunch in the exact same outfit was a sign ... of something probably. Guess we'll see.

What do you think of Jeremiah so far? How do you think he and Joey will interact when Joey moves to L.A.? Do you like Rachel's fashions?

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