Hair Tattoo Trend Makes Snooki's New Ink Look Normal

Just because I'm way way too much of a coward to ever get a tattoo doesn't mean I don't think about it. And although I can't pinpoint exactly what ink I'd choose, I can tell you what it wouldn't be: Glee's costume designer Lou Eyrich's hair tattoo. Eyrich, who was spotted rocking a blonde, short style this past February, arrived at the Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards last weekend sporting a tat of thick black hair covering her whole head. Sorry, but I love my long brown tresses way too much to swap them out for a permanently inked crop.

One thing's for sure: Lou's tattoo makes Snooki's recent ink of a crazy-looking crown atop a pink bow look like child's play. At first I couldn't help but wonder: What was she thinking!? But now ... I'm actually starting to dig it.


When you think about it, the pros of a tattoo like this completely outweigh the cons. For starters, Eyrich will never have to worry about her hair getting messed up, as every single curlicue on her head is strategically outlined and in place. AND although the tattoo itself may have cost a pretty penny, she'll never have to splurge on hair products ever again! Cha-ching! Not to mention, ink can't really get frizzy. What I'd do to avoid frizz all year long! Wow, the awesomeness just keeps on comin'.

While all those features of tattooed hair are cool, we're not even at the best part. Unlike most tattoos, if Lou decides she's over it after a year or two, then she can just let her actual hair grow back in and call it a day. Piece of cake, right? Sure, you may see a few black "hairs" here and there, but that's a whole lot better than grays.

Then there's a whole other spin on a head tattoo like Eyrich's. Think about how great a look like this could be for a woman who has lost all of her hair because of cancer or alopecia? Pulling it off takes a whole lot of confidence, no doubt. But it's definitely an inventive way to claim back a bit of your womanhood, if you ask me.

So while the idea of a hair tattoo may not be my style, per se, I can't say I hate it. If this is something Eyrich really digs, then more power to her. That's what tattoos are all about, right? Making something you love a part of you for life.

What do you think of Lou Eyrich's hair tattoo?


Image via Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

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