Lea Michele Copies Kate Middleton at Fashion Week


lea micheleLea Michele is known for her great voice as the star of Glee, but she's now vying to be recognized as a style icon. The 25-year-old starlet has been to many shows during this Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week -- from Jason Wu to Alexander Wang to J. Mendel, Lea's been looking sexy, sleek, and polished. Good for her! There's no better time than Fashion Week to try out some new looks and expand out of your comfort zone.

My favorite look of Lea's was that black top and flower patterned skirt she wore to Jason Wu. With her shiny dark hair parted to the side to round out the look, it seems that our Lea's taken a page out of Kate Middleton's book.

Not that there's anything wrong with that. I channel Kate Middleton in almost everything I do. So far I've only gotten two restraining orders, a rejection letter from St. Andrews, and a hold on my Neiman's credit card, but I'm not going to let that get me down.

Lea knows as I do that the Kate Middleton way is the only way. A warm smile, a coiffed mane, and conservatively sexy clothes are a woman's best friend. Though we haven't seen the Mids in bright red lipstick (yet!), I think Lea's makeup looks great on her.

The Gleeker wore a fleshtone backless J. Mendel gown to the Fox Fall-Eco Casino party and wore her bangs straight and in her face. It wasn't her best look -- which is why she should stick to being a copy Kate.

There's nothing wrong with borrowing a little style from an effortlessly stylish Duchess. The Mids has ushered into fashion a new kind of Tory approach to looking good. We've learned from her it's all about how you carry yourself (the Mids has pitch perfect posture) and less about trendy fads. From jeans and a blazer to summery yellow dresses, Kate has been an inspiration. I'm glad Lea's caught on!

Are you a copy Kate?

Photo via Splash News

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Amber Colleen Sullivan

heck yes i would wear thisl! its very cute and modest, that can be a hard combination to come by.

Melis... Melissa042807

I like how Kate has brought a modest, ladylike, tailored style back into the spotlight. What I take away from her style as inspiration is that she wears what she likes and what looks good on her, she doesn't just make herself a slave to the trends or the puppet of  a stylist.

ceciliam ceciliam

What is with all the hype with Kate Middleton?

Frank McBee

Lea wasn't coping Kate, that is called old hollywood and unlike Kate Lea likes and can take risk. That nude dress was stunning on her and she rocked. Plus one was for a day event the other an early evening event.

Nraw2011 Nraw2011

For the love of God, you'd think we were all running around in hot pants and bikini tops before Kate came along!  I'm over it.  I'm willing to bet Kate is over all the mindless obsession over everything she does also.  She can't even buy hand lotion without everyone losing their minds and running out and buying it too.    

daerc... daerca574

kate smate. . . . .ugh

nonmember avatar taz

It's insane how much America is intune with a royal's sense if style. It all seems completely ridiculous. And are you seriously starting to call her 'the mids'. Why is it that whenever we talk about women in the spotlight its about how they look?!

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