Christina Hendricks' Cleavage Isn't the Only Showstopper

sarah jessica parker christina hendricksSarah Jessica Parker's new flick, I Don't Know How She Does It, premiered last night, and although you'd expect the former Sex and the City star to be the center of attention, it seems that her co-star from the film, Christina Hendricks, made quite the impression on photogs, as well. Of course, it's simply impossible for her to NOT make an impression, what with her dangerous curves and all. I'm pretty much convinced that any man -- geeze, or woman, for that matter -- with a pulse would stop dead in their tracks if they encountered the gorgeous being in person. She's stunning!

But news today is that she "upstaged" SJP and "stole SJP's spotlight." Oh, please! Why do we have to turn these moments into a virtual catfight?

When faced with not one but two knock-out actresses, you don't have to choose sides.


I know straight men don't like SJP, but who cares what they think? They're not really her fan base anyway. I've always thought she was pretty, loved how petite she is but how easy she makes it seem to rock the latest fashions, usually reserved for much taller women, and sky-high Louboutins. Personally, she's an inspiration to little 4'11" me, and positively to any woman under the "average" height of 5'5"!

And she didn't fail to impress at last night's premiere either, wearing a floor-length, body-hugging, starry-eyelet-covered black dress that showed off her own curves. And I always love her hair, which, in Carrie-perfect form, fell down her back in beachy waves.

Don't get me wrong -- Christina Hendricks held her own, obviously, in the lipstick pink, off-the-shoulder frock, showing off her wowow ta-tas. I love that color on her, and everything about her look screamed, "Ultra-femme, Marilyn reincarnated, classic glam-sexy!"

But comparing the two is nothing short of silly. They're both beautiful in their own right, both charismatic, talented women worthy of fashion praise.

Do you think Christina upstaged SJP?


Image via Stephen Lovekin/Getty

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