Miss Universe Contestant Should Be Allowed to Wear 'See-Through' Dress

australia miss universeIt's finally here! Tonight I'll get my yearly dose of hairspray, sparkles, and smiles by watching the Miss Universe 2011 pageant. Although the contestants' gorgeous everything makes me uber-jealous, I am pretty pumped. Mostly because I have a girl crush on Natalie Morales, who will be co-hosting tonight's festivities with Bravo's Andy Cohen.

But it seems like that's not all I have to look forward to. The beauty queen from Australia is making headlines for her wardrobe choices, or lack thereof. Twenty-one-year-old Scherri-Lee Biggs is caught in a whirlwind of criticism by pageant organizers, who say her evening gown (left) was "offensively see-through." And that's not all! She was also told that her bikini bottoms were too skimpy.

Oh, please. Sounds to me like somebody has their panties in a bunch.


It's no surprise that when viewers tune in to the Miss Universe Pageant, or any pageant for that matter, the girls aren't exactly going to be wearing parkas. Let's be serious. Most of these contestants are aspiring models to begin with! The pageant is strategically set up to show some skin with both the swimsuit and evening gown competitions. And if you ask me, to say that one girl's bikini or dress is teenier or skimpier than another's is just an opinion. I'd even go as far to say that a lot of these gowns are slightly "see-through" when paired with the intense stage lights, anyway.

Seriously, just look at Biggs' dress (above). Do we see a little leg pigment? Sure we do. But I wouldn't say that she looks ridiculous or inappropriate. And the designer of the gown, Nikki Silverthorne, agrees:

I do think it's a bit silly Scherri may have to alter her dress, as it covered a lot more than the bikini.

AMEN. It's a statement, for sure. But it's a beautiful one. Do you see all those perfectly placed crystals? If only my high school prom dress looked as glam as that! I say if that's how Biggs would like to portray herself, then she should be allowed. Hell, I wish that I had the body and the confidence to prance around in front of the pageant's millions of viewers.

Of course, Donald Trump and the other execs behind Miss Universe and Miss USA are never past stirring up a little titillating controversy in the 11th hour to get more viewers, right? So it could all be just a ploy for attention. But when it comes down to it, the judges know what they're looking for. And ultimately, I'm pretty sure they'll be able to see straight through more than her dress if Biggs makes it to the interview round.

What do you think of Miss Universe Australia's dress?


Image via Lucas Dawson/Getty Images

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