9 More Mom-Friendly Looks to Love for Fall

Ann TaylorEach time I run across a great look that moms in particular could ROCK, I save it for these posts.

We get our fashion inspiration where we can, right? I'm like having a free subscription to [insert-your-favorite-fashion-magazine-here]!!

For example, plenty of you invested in a faux fur vest last season and more will be buying one for this fall.

(And I highly recommend them, by the way. They are INCREDIBLY warm and leave your arms free!)

Here's a great way to tie the look into your existing wardrobe -- it's casual, yet chic. The clothes are from Ann Taylor and you can get shopping information here.


Want to see more mom-friendly looks to love?

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Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor did a web feature on how some of their associates style their Ann Taylor clothing. I love this shot because it shows how a standout scarf can really dress up a simple black shell and slacks. I'm also loving her wine-colored nails!


Ann Taylor

I wrote recently that a black blazer is really a wardrobe must-have. Here, it dresses up a simple gray dress. Buy up plenty of black tights and pantyhose this season, too. You're going to need them to look current!


Ann TaylorCape and poncho-like tops are all the rage this season and they can be very flattering on moms in particular. Wear them with skinny pants or jeans or slim-fitting slacks.

You can get shopping information on all of these Ann Taylor looks here.

Ralph Lauren

Check out this look from Ralph Lauren's fall runway show. I love the idea of wearing a red statement necklace with an LBD, black tights, and black heels. SO sophisticated!


Ann TaylorAlso at Ann Taylor (I know, it's Ann Taylor day, isn't it?), I'm loving this leather-trimmed wrap over a simple pencil skirt and black boots. These oversized wraps and tops are big this season. Add one to a skirt and boots and you've got a perfect work look! Shopping information is available here.



Look at what a slim-fitting pair of jeans can do for a long top and sweater jacket. Obviously, the booties aren't practical, but they sure do make this outfit longer and leaner. Sometimes if I have a special event, I'll wear my a$$-kicking booties and stow a pair of flats in my bag for afterward. This look and the next two are from Nordstrom's September catalog, which you can view online here. (I highly recommend it, by the way. Nordstrom catalogs are MY FAVE.)



I love how this poncho looks totally stylish with black leggings and boots -- yet it's comfortable and casual enough for the car rider pickup line. I will DEFINITELY be wearing this look this fall.



Finally, wear your new flares with a tweed jacket and blouse and you are 100 percent current -- and fashionably casual.

Which of these looks is your favorite?


Images via Ann Taylor, Ralph Lauren, and Nordstrom

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