'Real Housewives' Will Be All Over This Gucci ... Car?

gucci fiatWhy save up for a Gucci purse when you can save up for a Gucci car? The venerable Italian luxury brand has teamed up with Italian car makers Fiat to build one spiffy little vehicle. The 2012 Fiat 500 by Gucci was debuted a few days ago at Fashion Week and will be available for purchase this December.

The car, which looks like a cross between a new VW bug and a Mini Cooper, has the classic red and green Gucci stripes around its mid-section and has been finished with pearl gloss paint. Fancy! Or as they say in Italy, il fancy-o! I bet those Real Housewives of New Jersey will be all over this car.


Can't you just see Teresa Giudice selling one of her kids to get this Gucci car? She could park it in her gold-plated garage next to the stacks of her cookbooks that haven't sold, maybe take it out for a spin every now and again to impress all the people who don't care about her and never will. Her fellow Housewives will obviously comment on Tre's extravagant spending.

Caroline will say in the self-righteous tone that she's perfected that she doesn't know anything about Teresa's finances, Jacqueline will say in between giggles that Teresa is crazy, Melissa will write and sing a song in her basement about how buying Gucci cars is soooo not classy, and Teresa's brother will text her and say that he'll always support her, then text her husband and call him stupid.

Truly, the Gucci Fiat is the perfect Italian addition to Teresa's $11 million deficit. At about $27,000, the car is the ultimate in accessories -- ready, set, start saving now, Teresa.

gucci fiat

What do you think of the car?

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