Fashion Rules Celebrities Break...& You Can Too!

Rachel Bilson

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty

Celebrities break the rules all the time...and they often get away with it (not so true with us non-celebs). But when it comes to fashion, some rules are just made to be broken. MSN has a great article, Celebrity Style Rules, with quotes from A-list stylistas on how they don't always pay attention to things that can be considered a fashion faux-pas. Can you wear white after Labor Day? What about mixing gold and silver? Let's see which stars blaze their own fashion path.

  • Rachel Bilson wears white all year round.
  • Rihanna mixes the colors brown and black in her wardrobe. And she loves to mix prints.
  • Ciara combines silver, gold, wood, and acrylic jewelry.
  • Hilary Duff isn't afraid to wear inexpensive items with big-ticket labels.
  • Janet Jackson is never a slave to fashion. She says to wear what looks best on you, not what's trendy.
  • Marcia Cross wears powder on her face even though some say it ages a person. She loves the way it mattes and blends her makeup.

What do you think of these style rule-breakers?

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