Gorgeous Hair Braiding Trend Really Lasts (PHOTOS)

braid barI'm forever jealous when celebrities like Jessica Alba and Marion Cotillard wear their hair in those gorgeous French braid updos wrapped around and around their heads. Not only do they look chic and fabulous, but every single hair is perfectly in place!

That's why when I read that a lot of salons are doing intricate, whimsical hair braiding for their customers, I wasted no time in checking out. I discovered the John Barrett Braid Bar -- which actually specializes in professional braiding -- recently opened at Bergdorf's department store, and I made an appointment with the lovely and talented Kayley. A mere 20 minutes later, my hair looked like this!


braid bar

Now you may be saying to yourself, "I guess that's cool, but wherever would you wear a hairstyle like that?" The answer is: EVERYWHERE! I got compliments at the office, out for cocktails, and even at the gym. That's the great thing about this 'do: It's a high-maintenance look that's totally low-maintenance. Your hair is back, out of the way, and you don't have to worry about it -- but it still looks cool.

And the best part is: You can even sleep on it, and it stays in place for days. Mine lasted for three days -- but I've heard other women say they've had theirs for even longer. At $45, which typically is the price of a blowout, I'd recommend it as a good investment in not having to worry about your hair for a weekend, even more so if you have a special occasion like a wedding, birthday, etc.

My favorite part of the braid -- besides the fact that I felt like a celebrity for a day -- is the back view:

braid bar

And again!

braid bar

Would you ever take a trip to the braid bar?


Images via Michele Zipp

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