Katie Holmes Wears Weird Fall Trend Surprisingly Well

katie holmesKatie Holmes is all about trendy footwear, so it makes sense that daughter Suri is into shoes, too. While Suri was just seen running in her cute little heels, trying to make gymnastics class on time, Katie's been spotted stepping out in one of fall's most ... interesting trends: The ankle bootie.

They've been around forever, true, but this fall is all about the unexpected pairing of the ankle boot with tights, or skirts, or dresses, or space suits. Katie isn't shy about wearing hers with leggings and a jean jacket ... successfully confusing everyone. But somehow, it works, doesn't it?


Back in April, Holmes was photographed wearing these exact ankle boots, or ones very similar, after she filmed the Tonight Show With David Letterman. Which brings up a good point about these kind of awkward little shoes: they're versatile. 

From April to September to January, a neutral bootie is always in style. Have to be careful though, these little buggers will cut off your leg's line, making you look stubbier than you may like, but if done correctly and with intention, they're a great way to be comfortable, stylish, and practical.

katie holmes

Ankle booties are kind of the new skinny jean. Remember when skinny jeans came on to the scene and we all thought it was just a passing trend? They're obviously a timeless staple now in most women's wardrobes, and I think ankle boots are on the same trajectory. They started out trendy, but they're slowly becoming a fashion mainstay.

I'm pretty happy about it -- I bought some a few years ago when the trend was on fire, and I'm still wearing them to this day. Katie's likely been doing the same (though hers probably cost thousands of dollars, mine cost $70 at DSW).

As soon as that little fashionista Suri gets her hands on an adorable pair of ankle boots, that's when we can officially announce that they're here to stay.

Do you like ankle boots?

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