‘Back to the Future’ McFly Sneakers Are a Fall Must-Have (VIDEO)

nike air magBack to the Future Part 2 is one of the first movies I ever bought myself on VHS. But I think it was McFly's Nike Air Mag self-tying sneakers that really resonated with me. Back then, they seemed like the ultimate uber-cool figment of director Robert Zemeckis' imagination. But shoe fanatics and Michael J. Fox fans can now rejoice: Nike has officially unveiled 1,500 real-life versions of McFly's sneaks and they're for sale, as of last night, RIGHT NOW.

Tubular! The shoes are a dream, to say the least. That massive Nike logo just looks so '80s chic, don't you agree? And my fave part? The kicks are lined with LED panels that light up all futuristic-like. The glow lasts five hours until the sneaks need to be recharged. Yes, recharegable shoes. As Rachel Zoe would say, this is bah-nan-as. Only in 2011, my friends.

Sure all these features are beyond fab, but just wait -- I haven't even mentioned the best part.


Since I'm a generous lady, I'll let Fox do the talking:

To reiterate McFly, the limited edition Nike Air Mags are being auctioned on eBay -- and all the proceeds are going to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's research. Sure, it's a bit of a bummer that these puppies won't be available at your local Foot Locker. But these are high-demand items, ladies! And I can't think of a more creative or fun way to support such a fantastic cause.

The only downfall with these kicks? In the movie, you remember watching how sick it was when they laced up themselves? Yeah, these ones don't do that. But everything else about the shoe is just as super cool as they were when we first saw them in BTTF that it hardly matters. 

Rumor has it that Nike filed a patent for power laces over a year ago. So, fingers crossed, perhaps we can expect a more mass-market distribution with automatic lacing in the actual year 2015, just like in the movie? Hey, a girl can dream, even if she would look ever so slightly ridiculous rockin' a pair of these to the grocery store.

What do you think of the Nike Air Mags?


Image via eBay

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