'Project Runway' Recap: Josh Is a Little Dictator

project runway recapAnother super catty night on Project Runway, as everyone is forced to team up again. They don't like that, these designers. Which is why as soon as Anthony (last week's winner) got to pick first, he padded his team with the conflict-averse like Anya, Oliver, Viktor (who I'm so loving more and more), and poor Bryce. Josh somehow wound up on a team with Becky and Bert, after he specifically picked his co-hater, Laura. No one was happy, and you could see right away which team was going to kick some cutting and stitching butt, and which team was going to destroy each other.

The challenge did not help grease the needle as it was the textile challenge where everyone uses the HP products and creates their own designs. Even Betsey Johnson coming to the workroom for a little spunky cheerleading couldn't help Josh and Co., who came up with the worst idea of all time.


Josh seriously suggested their textile theme be somehow representative of the Village People. Yes, five looks that reflected that campy band of working men from the 1970s was what inspired Josh. AWFUL. Their clock theme seemed positively genius compared to that kind of crazy, and Team Nuts & Bolts was born. But first, Josh must tee off on Bert because Bert used the "f" word. Here's where I realize Josh and I could never hang if he doesn't allow the occasional f-bomb between friends. Sad.

Meanwhile, Team Chaos, inspired by the city and ink blots, are off and running. Anthony is kind of guiding that team, but everyone is equally kicking butt. Tim likes, and it turned out to be a seriously amazing five-piece collection that guest judge, Rose Byrne, even liked. And that lady doesn't like patterns. Who knew?

After Team Chaos won the challenge -- even with Bryce's awkward shorts -- the only question was who would get the big crown. Heidi loved all of the looks, but Kors had some faves, and Bryce was not one of them. Super fun when Heidi asked them who they each thought should win and all of them (except poor Bryce) named themselves. Anya was the winner with that super cute dress that maybe she sewed herself, maybe she didn't.

But back to Josh, who really had his night. Tim had to tell him to let his ego go and made his team join hands. Kors called him out as being a little dictator, and Becky and Bert both threw him under the bus when it was time for the losing team to pick the designer who had to go home. And with that ugly collection, it really was a difficult decision. As Michael Kors said, not a lot of women want to have "cancelled" written on their crotch. They all kind of sucked, and their video was really horrible. It came down to Josh and Becky -- who made the most boring skirt and tank top of all time -- and I couldn't help but think that if Josh would just button up his shirt, maybe everyone would take him seriously. Kimberly could still just give a shit.

Yes, it's horribly sad that Josh's mom died a few years ago and this week was her birthday. But Josh needs to not be so sassy and talk about his feelings, instead of blowing up at everyone. It's the same advice I'd give my 5-year-old. Take it Josh.

Alas, Becky goes home because as Michael Kors says, "It's not Project Seamstress."

Do you think the right designer went home tonight?

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