September 11 Memorial Tattoos Are Heartbreaking (PHOTOS)

9 11 tattooForget the eyes, a person's tattoo is the window to their soul. That's what I think, anyway. Tattoos are sort of a permanent expression of emotion. Some seem sad, some happy, some whimsical, some angry. It's between the person getting that tattoo and the tattoo artist to decide how to best depict the objective -- after that it's hold your friend's hand, grit, and hope for the best. After 9/11, some people touched by the tragedy used tattoos to express their affection. From images of the Twin Towers to the words "enduring freedom" in script to a weeping eagle, the September 11 tattoos are as diverse as the people who got them.





Jim Kiernan snapped this image of a 9/11 tattoo. The eagle, the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Twin Towers are all represented.

9-11 tattoo

Rocio Franco, a Paraguayan journalist working in NYC, snapped this image of one of the more colorful 9/11 tattoos. I would assume it's the back of a firefighter who lost co-workers during the attack, but I don't know. It's beautiful regardless, if not a bit violent.

9-11 tattoo

And here's one from Carl's Tattooing:

9 11 tattoo

This woman's back tat says a lot in just a few words; this one evokes a religious theme; this one renders the Twin Towers as burning matches; and this calf tattoo is extremely patriotic.

However big or small, colorful or aggressive, 9/11 tattoos are lasting moments in time that capture the wearer's emotion, and possibly the nation's.

What do you think of 9/11 tattoos?

Photo of first arm tattoo via Jim Kiernan/Flickr; back tattoo via Rocio Franco; photo of colored arm tattoo via Carls Tattooing/Flickr

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