Kim Kardashian’s Nude Look Is a Major Fashion Faux Pas (PHOTO)


kim kardashianHey everybody, it's Kim Kardashian! And she's bopping around NYC looking hot. What else is new? Let's see, what do we got here? Nude Alaia dress that shows off her curves for days? Check. Nude Christian Louboutin platform pumps that show off her shapely legs? Check. Nude Alexander McQueen clutch bag that shows off her sexy ... wrists. Check?

Wait a minute. That's a lot of nude to be wearing all at once. You guys, did Kim Kardashian just kommit a fashion faux pas?

Methinks she did.

Okay, so before I get into what I would have changed about the outfit, let me just say, homegirl looks good. But that's obvious. She always does. However, it's still never a good idea to wear all one color at one time. Particularly if that color is nude. It's sort of blah, no? I mean, may as well just ... go nude.

If I were Kim -- and clearly I'm not, as I sit in an office in Midtown, unshowered, typing this -- I would have paired this get-up with a pop of color of some sort. And there are many options. She could have gone with a nude dress, nude bag, teal shoes; nude dress, nude shoes, bright pink (or orange) bag; nude dress, chunky black necklace, nude shoes, black bag. Really, the possibilities are endless. (And neon and neutral is a to die combo.) Anything but nude across the board. Luckily, the color works well with her skin tone, so it doesn't look as bad as it would on someone with fairer skin, like, say, your Gwyneth Paltrows or your Emma Stones.

Like I said, Kim still looks amazing, strutting her nude stuff around sunny NYC. Hopefully next time, she'll just jazz it up a bit. Oh, yes, I said "jazz."

Do you like Kim's all nude outfit?


Image via Splash

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1swee... 1sweetmommma

I think maybe some red somewhere would be eye catching.

jonellg jonellg

I like the shoes. 

Colet... Colette923

I would have worn red stilettos.

Sandr... SandraCheeks

She looks like a band-aid.

mleil... mleilanim

Doesn't that look like Eva Longoria's ex in the background? LOL She's loving some b-ballers, huh? ;-)

Jessica Moseley

i'm with collete923. i would have wore some bright red stillettos. it would have been the perfect pop.

iam4you2 iam4you2

I like it.

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