7 More Mom-Friendly Looks to Love for Fall


As your resident style blogger, I've been busy looking through scores of magazines and catalogs lately -- and my research is your gain!

I've put together in this post a few mom-friendly looks I'm loving for fall.

Check them out to see what's stylish and get inspired on what to add to your own closet this upcoming season.

For example, if you have a pair of cowboy boots gathering dust in your closet (and who doesn't?), this is the season to get them out and wear them with ... just about anything. I love the way Sundance paired these boots with a romantic Anastasia dress (Sundance, $158) and a scarf.

Want to see more mom-friendly looks to love? Read on!


Mom Look

I'm crazy about this fifties-style dress from Kate Spade for fall. But even if you can't afford Kate Spade prices, don't worry- Designers are still churning out 50s and 60s-era dresses this season. Snatch 'em up while you can.



I just love it when neutrals are combined with red, like in this photo from Talbots -- It's so unexpected, and it looks fab. Consider wearing your neutrals with red shoes this season for a hot color combination.


MadewellMadwell had some cute, mom-friendly looks in its fall catalog. This fall, roll up those skinny jeans to just above your ankle and you'll transform them into the latest denim look. Add a denim shirt and colorful cardigan for extra flair.


MadewellWondering how to wear your maxi skirt? Try it with the aforementioned bright cardigan and a constrasting blouse. HOT.


MadewellAnother way to update those skinny jeans is with an oversized cowl-neck sweater and work boots. WANT.


MadewellFinally, check this out -- the ultra long cardigan is actually a shirtdress! Get creative with your wardrobe and you'll find you can turn some of last season's favorites into this season's biggest trends!

Which look is your favorite?


Images via Sundance, Kate Spade, and Madewell

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