Socks With Sandals: Will You Wear This Trend?

AnthropologieJust about every retailer is pairing socks with boots, booties, sandals, and pumps this season.

Here, Anthropologie is featuring a pair of socks with sandals in its fall catalog.


In general, I think the look only works for the very young.

However, I'm seeing some variations of the look that would work even for those of us who aren't 16.

Check them out -- and chime in on the socks-with-sandals discussion ...

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ClarksHere's a look that bothers me -- I can think of a few women who could pull off ankle socks (or knee socks or over-the-knee socks) with heels -- but not many. Clarks is featuring all of its models in socks this fall ...


FendiIn Fendi's fall ad campaign, this model looks hot in over-the-knee socks -- but I have a feeling this wouldn't play out so well in real life.


SundanceOne way I do like seeing the socks trend is peeping out over ankle booties. This look from Sundance is cute, relaxed, and age-appropriate.

What do you think of ankle socks, knee socks, and over-the-knee socks? Will you wear them with dresses and skirts this fall?


Images via Anthropologie, Clarks, Fendi, Sundance

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