J. Crew's Porcupine Popover: Be Very, Very Afraid

Porcupine PopoverI was perusing J. Crew's 'Collection' (code for EXPENSIVE STUFF) when I came across this atrocity.

It is called the Porcupine Popover (no joke) and it costs $550.

Yes, you read that right.


Yes, those are stubbly 'quills' on that chiffon top, giving the distinct impression that a certain model has missed several (dozen) waxing appointments.

You've got to see this one up close to really believe it.

Click through and I'll show you the awful truth.



Un. Befreaking. Lievable.

If they get even ONE order for this shirt, I will be SHOCKED.

What about you?

This brings to mind J.Crew's Hairy Legs Tights from last season. Call me crazy, but I'm guessing the same designer is responsible for the Porcupine Popover ...

It's all about the stubble, ladies!

What do you think of this top?


Images via J.Crew

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