The Fall Fashion Forecast Calls for Racism (VIDEO)

crystal rennThe fashion world is getting all sorts of racist these days. Or maybe they've always been this way and we're just taking notice now? Either way, it's unacceptable.

The latest style faux pas comes from stylist and Vogue Japan editor-at-large, Anna Dello Russo. See, she was styling model Crystal Renn for a recent Vogue Nippon (that's Vogue Japan) shoot and instead of using an actual Asian model for the photographs, she opted to tape Crystal's eyes back to make her appear Asian.

Does anyone else see something really wrong here?


Why not just use a real, live Asian model? Believe it or not, they do exist! They're not just these made-up mythical creatures like unicorns and centaurs. Heck, I'll even suggest a few: How about Fei Fei Sun or So Young Kang? It would have made the whole shoot, I don't know, a little more authentic, a little less blatantly racist. But what do I know? I'm not a fashion editor.

And it's a good thing. Because racism and all things totally un-PC seem to be all the rage in the style world these days. Other examples? Well, there was that whole Kardashian Klan gaffe a few days ago. Oh, then there was the Claudia Schiffer blackface misunderstanding in a German magazine. And who could forget Karlie Kloss's American Vogue spread, where she was styled to, again, look Asian? Very stereotypical, offensive Asian. And, lastly, there was Vouge Italia, who featured giant, gold hoop earrings. And referred to them as Slave Earrings. Classy.

So, is this what we have to look forward to this fall, fashion people? Is racism the new black? Prejudice the new maxi? Uncouthness the new "It" bag? If so, you can count me out. 'Cause I don't think those things look good on anyone. Booya.

Check out the Crystal Renn/Anna Dello Russo Video:

What do you think of this?


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