I Look Like a Schlub When I Pick My Kids Up From School


My dream is to one day actually take a shower before I pick my children up from school. My daughter started preschool two years ago, though, and I have yet to meet my goal. But I do keep on hoping.

It turns out I am not alone in this problem. A recent study from Sainsbury's, a UK-based store, shows that moms are trying to change all that. In fact, this year it seems about one in six moms will get their hair done for the first day of school. The same number also bought a new outfit and tried to get some sun (or fake sun).

In addition, the average mom will actually spend 25 minutes on her hair and makeup for the first day. Who ARE these women?

Since I work from home a couple days a week (and don't work at all a couple, too), I am usually the last person to get ready in the morning. My priority is always the kids and what they're wearing. By the time I get around to dressing myself, people are lucky if I throw on a bra.

By the time the afternoon rolls around, I like to get a run in and then it's usually time to go get the kids, which means most of the time, I am getting them all sweaty in my Lululemons. Is it really so bad?

Yes, I would love to be one of those moms who looks perfectly well groomed for drop-off and pick-up, but realistically, I have a job and two children. I am going to look like a schlub most days.

So this whole Elle Macpherson looking perfect when she drops her kids off thing puts a lot of pressure on us real moms. Yes, I realize sometimes the drop-off and pick-up are the only times I see real people, but so what? They all know I am a mom. Their expectations are low. And besides, most of them look just like me.

Do you dress up to drop your kids off?


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I don't dress up, but I do shower, brush my hair and put on a 5 minute make up face. Every single day. I try to get dressed while Daddy cooks breakfast/plays with the smalls. Otherwise, I do it with a 4yr old and 16m old in and out of the bathroom- total time 20 min. And I wear comfy, but cute-ish clothes- today $9 smocked cotton dress from Wal Mart, tank underneath and a leopard cardigan.

Now, some days I make look like a hot mess when I do pick up, but I do make an effort.

If I'm living the life of a SAHM, at least I'm taking pride in myself and keeping myself neat, especially as an example to my kids.

prinz... prinzesa_edith

Kbw2 I agree with everything you said

nonmember avatar me

I hardly want to get dressed up for my work outside of the home job. I will not care when I'm a SAHM. As it is, my hair is usually in a pony tail and I get jeans and a shirt on. and flip flops. sometimes makeup sometimes no.

starr... starrsitter

This is too funny, because just this morning I was trying to figure out how all of the mothers (at the relatively high-falutin' preschool my son goes to) have time to look like they do with small children.  I'm lucky if I get a shower and (hopefully) now that he's back to school for those 3 hours every morning I might have time to work out...if my 3 month old cooperates.

Melis... Melissa042807

I don't necessarily get all dolled up every time I leave the house, but I at least try to put on jeans and a cute t-shirt. I did wear track pants and a hoodie to Costco the other night, but dangit, I'm pregnant, I can do that and not feel bad about it once in a while.

It does bother me when people wear pajamas out in public. Jeans and a t-shirt take the same amount of effort to put on. But that's just my opinion.

Alyson McNutt English

You know what? I have a husband, two kids and a personal life. I have lots of friends. And I don't give a crap what I wear to drop off or pick up my kids. I kind of figure being a nice person and having a good personality are more important than looking super-great when I leave the house. In my mind, if people are going to judge me because I'm in a ponytail, t-shirt and jeans, then seriously, I don't want to be friends with them. And I'm not saying that in a make-myself-feel-better sort of way. I'm saying it in a I-don't-want-your-shallow-butt-taking-space-in-my-life sort of way. I think of it as a spam-catcher. Judge me in my t-shirt and no-makeup? Works for me. You're probably not that kick-ass of a person if that matters so much you look down your nose at me. So take heart, Sasha. Not being super-cute when you pick up your kids is like a window-screen -- the good stuff still gets past, but the damned insects that just bite, buzz and annoy the hell out of you are kept out. ;-)

kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

If my hair didn't stick straight up in the morning I wouldn't care lol. I have taken my kid to school in jammies. But since I cut my hair super short I have to shower before I take her lol she won't let me leave with her if my hair is crazy :)

Leanne Carnegie

I've been trying to figure out how to squeeze my shower day into our new school schedule.     Hubby hops in at 6:45 and I get up then to make his coffee, lunch and help get him dressed.  My big kid gets up at 7am to eat breakfast (which I also have to make!) and get dressed and my little one at 7:30 to get dressed... I don't have 20 minutes (let alone the hour needed for a shower and blow-dry!) to get ready in the morning.   I throw on jeans, a tshirt, and flip flops and out the door we go.     I can't shower when we get home from dropping big brother off because the LO is 2 and would get into trouble by himself!  So, I am left trying to figure out what to do now...

mommy... mommyme2440

Wish there was a like button for Alyson's comment, I love the idea of a 'window screen'

KamiB79 KamiB79

I'm always ready for the day but only because I have to be at work!

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