I Look Like a Schlub When I Pick My Kids Up From School

My dream is to one day actually take a shower before I pick my children up from school. My daughter started preschool two years ago, though, and I have yet to meet my goal. But I do keep on hoping.

It turns out I am not alone in this problem. A recent study from Sainsbury's, a UK-based store, shows that moms are trying to change all that. In fact, this year it seems about one in six moms will get their hair done for the first day of school. The same number also bought a new outfit and tried to get some sun (or fake sun).

In addition, the average mom will actually spend 25 minutes on her hair and makeup for the first day. Who ARE these women?


Since I work from home a couple days a week (and don't work at all a couple, too), I am usually the last person to get ready in the morning. My priority is always the kids and what they're wearing. By the time I get around to dressing myself, people are lucky if I throw on a bra.

By the time the afternoon rolls around, I like to get a run in and then it's usually time to go get the kids, which means most of the time, I am getting them all sweaty in my Lululemons. Is it really so bad?

Yes, I would love to be one of those moms who looks perfectly well groomed for drop-off and pick-up, but realistically, I have a job and two children. I am going to look like a schlub most days.

So this whole Elle Macpherson looking perfect when she drops her kids off thing puts a lot of pressure on us real moms. Yes, I realize sometimes the drop-off and pick-up are the only times I see real people, but so what? They all know I am a mom. Their expectations are low. And besides, most of them look just like me.

Do you dress up to drop your kids off?


Image via jewell willett/Flickr

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