This Star Got It Wrong With a Lavender Wedding Dress

lavender wedding dressThere was another wedding this weekend. This is crazy! Everyone's gettin' hitched. This time it was Lost in Translation director Sofia Coppola and hottie Phoenix frontman Thomas Mars. It's a match made in indie heaven!

The wedding itself sounded ridiculously, fantastically, tragically beautiful. I would actually go as far as to say it was "my dream wedding" -- and I've never uttered those words before. It was an intimate 80-person affair on the Coppola family's Palazzo Margherita in Bernalda, Italy, where guests dined on "cheeses, figs, salads, pasta, fish, and pork, washed down with wine from the family’s farm." Sigh. Heaven.

The bride's dress, though? That's another story.


When I first saw what Sofia said "I do" in, I was stopped in my tracks. I thought it was beautiful. Different. Couldn't be more perfect for her. The dress was a custom-made gauzy lavender-print Azzedine Alaïa. And it was stunning.

See, I'm a fan of non-white wedding dresses. I actually wanted to wear one myself. But after days -- weeks -- of arguing with my mother, I finally said, "You know what? This just isn't worth it," and purchased an ivory J.Crew gown. (Yes, Mom, I'm glad I wore it. You win again.)

So, the lavender-ness of the dress wasn't my problem. My problem is that it also happened to be short.

Now, again, by no means am I against short wedding dresses. I actually find them quite sweet. And for a small (second) wedding like Sofia and Thomas's -- it would have been perfect. But lavender and short? She may as well have been at a film premiere. It was so casual.

Although Sofia looked positively gorgeous on her wedding day -- really, she was glowing -- I'm a little bummed out that she opted for such a non-wedding wedding dress. I wouldn't have expected her to wear something traditional (a lavender gown would have been perfect), but it would have been nice if she couldn't have been mistaken for a guest.

Do you like non-white wedding dresses? Let's discuss what you wore on your special day. And ... go!


Image via sleepyjeanie/Flickr

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