Michele Bachmann’s Hair Is the New ‘Rachel’

michele bachmannWhen it's time for my annual hair cut (yeah, so?) I always show up to the salon with a page ripped out of a magazine in one hand, my hard earned cash in the other. If I'm going to fork over a lot of money for a stylish 'do, I want to make sure I get what I want. And what I want is usually what someone else has. Sometimes it's a model in an ad, sometimes it's a celebrity, sometimes it's a regular old person featured in some lifestyle column who simply has phenomenal hair. "Give me that!" I'll say, then sit back, relax, and enjoy the transformation.

In all my years or magazine page tearing, I've never ripped out a photo of a politician. (I mean, Mitt Romney has glorious locks, but I just don't think I have the face for a short crop.) But I could be missing the latest trend this fall: The Bachmann. Salons from LA to NYC have reported that people are coming in requesting the full, red-highlighted, head of hair just like Michele Bachmann's.

Is the Bachmann the new Rachel?


While I don't agree with Bachmann's politics, I will acknowledge she's got great hair. Her personal stylist, Tamara Robertson, wouldn't reveal her secrets to the NY Daily News -- she was told she couldn't talk about it. Whatever she's doing, it's working. Robertson has really earned her $4,700 paycheck for creating Bachmann's desirable 'do.

michele bachmann

Some stylists have noted that clients used to come in requesting the Palin hairdo, but now it's Bachmann's. Bachmann's is sexier, a little looser, and not as hockey mom-ish. I can see why people want it. Apparently, women are embarrassed by it, though. Salon owners reported that people are coming in with photos of Bachmann but with her face cut out. They're not fooling anyone.

The Rachel was made famous by Jennifer Aniston on the first season of Friends, way back in 1994. Despite Jen's personal hatred of the look, the haircut went viral. The shaggy, boxy, short cut is still popular to this day -- in 2010 a survey found that The Rachel was the most popular cut in Britain.

If The Bachmann takes off like that, we could be reminded of Bachmann for the next 17 years. Oh. my.

What do you think of The Bachmann?

Images via david shankbone/Flickr, fibonacci blue/Flickr

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