Yet Another Reason to Shop at Nordstrom

NordstromMany of you already rhapsodize about the magical department store known as Nordstrom.

Yes, it can be pricey, but oh! The customer service! Oh! The lenient return policy! Oh! The quality of the merchandise! Oh! The sales!

Well now, Nordstrom is stepping up its game BIG TIME.

It has just announced free shipping and free returns ...


What do you think of this news?


For me, this might actually mean the difference between looking for a dress at and looking for one at or

Sure Macy's and Dillard's are generally cheaper -- but factor in the shipping costs (not to mention the potential cost of returning the dress if it doesn't work out) and I'm thinking Nordstrom might end up being just as good of a deal.

I am seeing more and more retailers offering free shipping these days -- from Endless to Zappos -- and I REALLY hope that this is the wave of the future. Shopping online is SO much more convenient for me that if all retailers start offering free shipping and returns, I might just start doing it all the time.

After all, there's no dressing room quite like my own bedroom!

What about you? Does this news make you more likely to shop at Nordy's?

Image via Nordstrom

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