Would You Wear a $3,200 'Divorce Ring'?


divorce ring

I adore rings. But even though I love their daintiness, there is one kind I will never wear: a divorce ring.

Fashionistas everywhere can thank jewelers Spritzer and Furman for this 18-karat gold split heart ring being marketed as one to wear if you've gotten a divorce. Oh -- and it's only $3,200! Now you'll never be able to forget your ex again!

I just don't see where there would be a demand for a bauble like this. First thing's first: The ring itself is heinous. It makes me think of something a Power Ranger would wear on a date. And while I love gold and would want my engagement ring to be gold, this gold looks ridiculous. Not to mention, the design is hideous. The triangular diamond looks like a dagger, don't you think?

I also have to ask: After a heart-wrenching split, aren't there a lot of other things you would rather spend $3,200 on than a ring to remind you of your newfound singledom? Like, oh, I don't know, a trip to Las Vegas with your girlfriends or a much nicer looking piece of jewelry that doesn't make you think of your ex every time you get a glimpse of your hand?

That's the real reason, aside from its ugliness, that I'd skip out on this little atrocity. After breaking up with someone, I don't want to think of them all the time. I never want a relationship to define me. What kind of message would something like this send to potential suitors? A negative one, no doubt. You're carrying enough emotional baggage already. You don't need the implications of it on display.

Of course, the other obvious question to ask is what finger would you even wear this ring on? Definitely NOT your ring finger! I'm thinking the middle finger. You know, in that big "Eff you, I'm divorced!" sort of way.

If this is the newest trend in jewelry, I'm going to have to say thanks, but no thanks.

Would you wear a divorce ring?

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Mommy... Mommyrivera0822

Why why why? Why remember your ex, why spend money to remember your ex hell if ya hate him that bad spend money on a huge makeover or a great cruise.

Ember... Emberbaby

I wouldn't, especially not one as hideous as the one in the picture.

aeama... aeamathis

I don't know.  Part of me likes it as almost a medal of honor for coming through all that pain and surviving (and it does look like a badge of sorts).  Also, it might give me something to show the people that still (two years later!) ask me "how married life is".  Though, technically, I think resizing the wedding/engagement rings to fit your right hand is the unofficial divorce ring already.  It's a sin to waste the bling and you can't get your money's worth by re-selling them. 

For some reason, I kind of like it.


No I wouldn't. I don't think it's "wonderful" for a marriage to fail. What if there are kids involved? Wouldn't they just love a "celebration" ring of the end of their parents marriage?? Very poor taste in my opinion. There is nothing to celebrate.

madam... madamekatekate

Go get your fancy bling if it helps (budget allowing, of course), but why not get something with a more positive symbol? Maybe a symbol that gives you inner peace and strength or your own birthstone or just something pretty for the sake of being pretty?

I'd rather that amount of money be about my happiness than anything that symbolized me being "broken hearted" because of a man. . .

Meli5... Meli55aG2001

No. I would save my rings for my daughters or have the stones reset.

L1558 L1558

I don't like this ring (I just think the design is tacky) , and I don't think that marriages failing is a good thing. 

But...divorce was a BLESSING in my case! My life is so much better now. It was totally something to celebrate. I worked my butt off to get away and start over, and it took a lot of strength and faith.

SO, hells yeah I would rock a "rock" if I was into it. It doesn't matter to me if someone else thinks it's in "poor taste" because they don't have to wear it. If you haven't been through it, you just don't get it.

Some people will see this design as a "broken heart", others might see it as a "freedom". I dunno. I think this particular one is gaudy, but I still think divorcees should be able to wear a diamond and enjoy it if that's what they want to do.

easun... easunshine

My marriage failing has been the singular most heartbreaking experience of my life. I've moved on and I'm very happy with a great partner now, but my heart still aches some times for the loss of that life I thought I was going to have with the person I chose to have it with. I would never want to wear something to remind me of all that.

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