Would You Wear a $3,200 'Divorce Ring'?

divorce ring

I adore rings. But even though I love their daintiness, there is one kind I will never wear: a divorce ring.

Fashionistas everywhere can thank jewelers Spritzer and Furman for this 18-karat gold split heart ring being marketed as one to wear if you've gotten a divorce. Oh -- and it's only $3,200! Now you'll never be able to forget your ex again!

I just don't see where there would be a demand for a bauble like this. First thing's first: The ring itself is heinous. It makes me think of something a Power Ranger would wear on a date. And while I love gold and would want my engagement ring to be gold, this gold looks ridiculous. Not to mention, the design is hideous. The triangular diamond looks like a dagger, don't you think?


I also have to ask: After a heart-wrenching split, aren't there a lot of other things you would rather spend $3,200 on than a ring to remind you of your newfound singledom? Like, oh, I don't know, a trip to Las Vegas with your girlfriends or a much nicer looking piece of jewelry that doesn't make you think of your ex every time you get a glimpse of your hand?

That's the real reason, aside from its ugliness, that I'd skip out on this little atrocity. After breaking up with someone, I don't want to think of them all the time. I never want a relationship to define me. What kind of message would something like this send to potential suitors? A negative one, no doubt. You're carrying enough emotional baggage already. You don't need the implications of it on display.

Of course, the other obvious question to ask is what finger would you even wear this ring on? Definitely NOT your ring finger! I'm thinking the middle finger. You know, in that big "Eff you, I'm divorced!" sort of way.

If this is the newest trend in jewelry, I'm going to have to say thanks, but no thanks.

Would you wear a divorce ring?

Image via 1stdibs.com

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