This Star's Weird VMA Look Wins Her Best Dressed


nicki minajThe VMAs are really just an excuse to put on the wackiest outfit you've got, throw on some foot-long false eyelashes, and saunter down the red carpet trying not to trip over your 15-inch heels. It's the craziest night in fashion that no one really cares about, except for us chosen few. From Gaga's cross-dressing to Britney's weird sneaker peep-toe platforms to Katy Perry's three rainbowtastic outfits, there were a ton of wonderfully wacky looks from last night. But Nicki Minaj totally takes the cake. In fact, she might even have been wearing a cake. It looks like she's got everything on her body except for the kitchen sink.

And for that, Nicki gets my coveted award for Best Dressed. I think she prepared for the event by covering her body in adhesive and then rolling around in a children's playroom. Whatever stuck to her body -- that was the outfit. It works, no? Glad a dirty diaper didn't adhere to her. That would've been too weird even for the VMAs.

Britney Spears played it safe in a sparkly black mini-dress (or is it shirt and shorts?) but decided to wear some random and really unattractive shoes to go with it. I appreciate her effort to stand out, but gurl, those shoes are hid.

Beyonce glowed on the red carpet in her orange floor-length gown. Get it? She's glowing? Because she's pregnant? Yay! That kid is going to have so much talent, it's not fair. I'm writing it in on the 2012 election ballot: Son or Daughter of Lady B and Jay Z.

Katy Perry looked schizo with her pink hair and costume changes. She started out with an ensemble inspired by a tropical drink and then waffled the rest of the night between looking like Betty Draper and a bowl of Lucky Charms. The girl is not afraid of color, that's for sure.

Selena Gomez looked polished and sophisticated, if not a little bit Gothic. Her boyfriend Bieber looked strange in hipster glasses and snake (mmhmm, he was carrying a snake), but I'm glad Selena was reptile-free.

Adele was possibly the biggest disappointment on the red carpet. Not only was her outfit decidedly unwacky, it was just plain frumpy. She looked like she stepped off the set of Hairspray. But all's forgiven when she opens her mouth to sing. She's amazing!

Who do you think was best dressed at the VMAs? Worst dressed?

Photo via Jason Merritt/Getty

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cocob... cocobeannns

I really think these people are in a competition to see who can look the worst and wear the stupidest looking shiz. Nicki looked like throw up. Katy looked like she was trying to hard to stand out and be different. Gaga is Gaga, what else is there to say. I'm actually relieved she went dressed as a man and not some other ridiculous looking outfit. I'll have to give Beyonce my vote for best dressed.

bills... billsfan1104

At least Adele doesnt need to dress wacky or like a candy bowl to get noticed. She gets noticed because of her voice. The others sound suckish and that is why they have to dress like they are in a candy bowl.

Billie Jo Evans

All they're doing is trying to get attention just like all celebrities do. As long as they stay in the spotlight they get their hit songs. People have their own opinions and may think it's absurd, but it's hollywood. I don't understand why people hate on these stars, you obviously don't like their type of music, you don't have any place demeaning what they're wearing, if they don't sing your music genre, then why do you even care?


ilove... ilovemymonsterr

they were all just trying to copy lady gaga (who, of course, was still the only origional one there).

and nicki minaj is gross..

babyb... babybirch

I agree with all of the above . She looks ridiculous . Not original, not edgy, not fashionable . Just ridiculous . She should let her music be the thing that makes her stand out .

Bertha21 Bertha21

I hate her she is so nasty

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