Hurricane Irene Sparks Run on Flipper Heels in Manhattan

Flipper HeelsOkay, so I totally made that headline up.

But I got a chuckle thinking about NYC stylistas trying to get their hands on a pair of these hilarious "flipper heels" as Hurricane Irene takes New York.

Want to read the story behind them? Hint: Jessica Simpson is involved ...


Jessica actually Tweeted this photo back in March, announcing that her own Jessica Simpson Collection would be expanding into scuba gear.

But the truth is that these shoes go back well before 2011.

These "high tide heels" were actually created by Belgian artist Paul Schietekat back in 2006. Back then, there were no plans to mass produce them, but now that this photo is being passed around on Facebook in honor of Hurricane Irene, perhaps he'll reconsider.

I can imagine that more than one Manhattan socialite would love to get her hands on a pair this very minute. It makes wading through hurricane water so much more fashionable, don't you think?

In all seriousness, if you're weathering this hurricane, stay safe girls. As someone who's been through more than my share of hurricanes and flooding myself, my thoughts are with you.


Image via Jessica Simpson

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OMG those made me laugh. Thanks for making my day.

ta2di... ta2dirishlass

How are those even possible to walk in???? Regular heels make me trip and fall, I can't imagine if there were long flippers in the front! Death! Death shoes! LMAO

nonmember avatar Mel

As a scuba diver, all I could think was the weight of the gear would crush those heels! LOL! But, they might look better than regular fins!


Just absolutely hilarious!  Made me crack-up.....I love a good laugh, and I sure got one...looking t these shoes!!!  Too funny!  Thanks for sharing!!!  :))))))

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