What to Wear in a Hurricane

ASOSHaving lived in South Carolina for a few years, I've seen and reported on my share of hurricanes.

So I know what many of you along the east coast are going through right now. Hopefully, you are safely inland. But many of you will still be dealing with power outages, evacuation and stircraziness.

How can you make this situation slightly more bearable?

With a cute raincoat, of course! And boots! And an umbrella!

In honor of Hurricane Irene, I present to you a few of my favorite rain accessories to keep you (sort of) dry in the wet, blustery weather.

First off, I'm loving this classic trench (ASOS, $100.62) in orange. This will definitely make you a standout when you emerge from your quarters in search of milk.

Want to see more cute rain gear?

Read on!


Footnotes Online

I'm lusting over these Hunter Andora wedge boots (Footnotes Online, $175). Sure they're way beyond my budget, but a girl can dream (and put them on sale alert), right?


TargetLow on funds? You can't beat this adorable Mossimo Raincoat (Target, $29.99). I think this is a must-have, and it comes in other colors, too.


TopShopWho says hurricanes have to be a no-frills affair? Let Irene just try to turn this cute umbrella (Topshop, $30) inside out!


Neiman MarcusYou may not be the dryest girl on your block, but I guarantee you'll be the most elegant in this gorgeous ruffled trench (Neiman Marcus, $97 on sale). WANT.


TargetKeep it classic in these eye-catching tall red rainboots (Target, $29.99).


Victoria's SecretShow Irene your sexy side in this leopard print trench (Victoria's Secret, $148). Meow!

Above all, stay safe in this rough weather! And once that's taken care of, STAY STYLISH!


Images (top to bottom): ASOS, Footnotes Online, Target, Topshop, Neiman Marcus, Target,Victoria's Secret

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