The Insane Things Angelina Jolie & Mila Kunis Do to Stay Gorgeous

angelina jolieDo you think Angelina Jolie is beautiful? Dumb question. Of course, you do. What about MilaKunis ? Again, dumb. Ugh, I don't know what's wrong with me today. Okay, how about this: Did you know that Angelina Jolie and Mila Kunis have more than good genes and "natural-looking fillers" to thank for their gorgeous faces? Yep, they have a $1,500 Vampire Facelift and a $7,000 ruby and diamond facial to thank.

You're probably wondering what these things are, huh? Well, a Vampire Facelift is something that involves drawing blood, spinning it around in a machine, then injecting into the victim's client's face; and a ruby and diamond facial entails peeling, antioxidants, and whole lot of sparkly things.

Think these are crazy? Wait 'til you get a load of the other INSANE things celebrities do to stay young and beautiful.



Before I get to the fun stuff, though -- the dirt -- I just want to say this: This seems a tad irresponsible of celebrities. Some of these treatments sound a little dicey, if not just, plain gross. And there doesn't seem to be a ton of research on the safety of these things. And they're clearly already getting botox and fillers and whatever else doctors will inject them with (the only thing that can really de-age you aesthetically), so why bother with this? Guess they're just desperate. And rich. And bored. Okay, onto the treatments ...

The Snake Venom Facial. Before you freak out, be comforted in the fact that no snakes have been harmed in the making of this $200 facial. The serum in the treatment simply mimics the effects of venom (I.E. relaxes the face the same way venom will relax its prey -- HISSS!). The result? Improved elasticity in the skin, which reduces the appearance of fine lines and helps to bond skin cells. A bit like botox, but without a needle (or thankfully a snake bite). Fans like Gwyneth Paltrow (of course), Debra Messing, and Kylie Minogue swear by it.

Leech Therapy. Demi Moore, who always seems to be at the forefront of cutting edge (read: ridic) beauty treatments, is a fan of this bizarre procedure. Also known as Hirudotherapy, the procedure denotes the use of medicinal leeches for purposes of detoxifying the body (barf). It focuses on the release of blood from the deeper parts of the body and dates back to the medieval period.  Yikes. Demi, you are a gorgeous woman, but I'm going to have to drawn the line here!

Fish Head. Okay, that's not what this treatment is called, but apparently Catherine Zeta-Jones smears caviar and truffles on her tresses. Oh, and the Beluga caviar is flown in from Iran five days ahead of said treatments to her beauty salon in England. No waste of fuel there! The caviar runs her about $325, unclear on the truffles. Guess it depends on how much she uses.

Ceramic Crystals. Mick Jagger's ex, Jerry Hall has supposedly become a fan of this procedure hot out of gay Paree, where pieces of porcelain are injected directly into your face with a gun in order to mimic the effect of a facelift. Ouch! And all you have to do for this tortuous treatment is cough up $735. Really, it's a steal.

So, the next time you find yourself feeling down about your appearance, take comfort in the fact that the reason you don't look like Angelina Jolie is because you don't have access to blood, snake venom, or leeches.

Would you ever do any of these?


Image via oparazzi/Flickr


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