Man Bracelets Are a Major Turn-Off

man-aclesI don't know what it is about a man in a necklace, but something about it really turns me off. In fact, any jewelry on a man, besides a wedding ring or a watch, repels me like oil does water. I don't like a bedazzled dude. Hey -- it's my opinion, you're certainly entitled to your own -- but when it comes to CZ earrings, cord bracelets, gold chains, or right-hand rings on a guy, I do not like it. I will go as far as to say I strongly dislike it. I don't know if it's my southern roots or my dad's allergy (more on that later) but when it comes to adornments, I think it's a ladies' game, and only a ladies' game.

The New York Times feels differently.


In Wednesday's style section, there was an article announcing the latest and greatest trend in men's fashion: bracelets. At the same time a little been-there-done-that as well as are-you-kidding-me, the Times suggests that prep stars will be rocking cord and string bracelets and that the hipster set will really go for leather cuffs and the ilk. They say that bracelets, or man-acles as they're dubbing them, are a way for a man to separate himself from the pack.

Hmm. Has anyone seen the Rachel Zoe Project? Her husband, Rodger, wears a ton of man jewelry. I personally think he looks ridiculous (how does she let him get away with all those man-cessories?), so the last thing I want is a bunch of guys walking around looking like Rodger. He's a lovely person and all, just dude, the jewelry: Cut it out.

And I don't discriminate between organic cloth, Argentinian pig's leather, or precious metal: A man bauble is a man bauble is a man bauble and none of it is acceptable.

Clearly I'm really turned off by the idea of this so-called new trend, but it could be because my dad never wore any jewelry. Not a wedding ring, not a watch, and lord knows no earrings, bracelets, or chains. He has an allergy to precious metals, so it's possible that my strong affliction to the man-jewels comes from what I'm used to.

Regardless, I beg that guys everywhere resist the temptation to dress their wrist in summer-camp friendship bracelets and leather bands. To me, it's a style no-no.

What about you?

Photo via Inextremiss/Flickr

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