The Hells Angels Are Fashionable, and They Hate It

hell's angelsI first heard of the Hells Angels when I was a child visiting my grandparents in California and a big group of guys riding massive motorcycles cruised by. My grammy told me they were just a bunch of friends in a club. She didn't, of course, mention that the "club" was actually a motorcycle gang known for being the ULTIMATE badasses. Now that I'm older and wiser, I know better. 

The gang's rep for being fiercer than fierce is exactly why a newly designed T-shirt that brags "My Boyfriend Is a Hells Angel" sends the ultimate "don't mess with me" message. If I were in the Hells Angels (HA! That's a joke!), I'd be flattered. But when this tee started selling online, the real Hells Angels were less than excited. In fact, they were downright pissed. And now they're taking legal action.


Members of the exclusive club claim that both sides of the T-shirt infringe upon their trademark name and skull-with-wings death head. What was meant to be a funny $64 graphic tee is now pretty controversial. But I think the bigger question here is why are the Hells Angels such a fashion statement to begin with?

I think it's all about what they represent. When guys or gals wear something with a reference to the Hells Angels, they're going for a strong, ferocious look. People have heard so many stories about the crazy hooligans, it's become hip to rock their trademark. Not to mention, you don't really see a lot of clothes with other gang symbols or names on them -- probably because the Hells Angels are the best of the best. It's an exclusive club that intimidates others, and I suppose that's what draws the buyers. They wanna feel cool. And Hells Angels = cool.

This isn't the first time that fashionistas have tried to use the Hells Angels trademark. The gang has fought other heavy hitters in court, including Alexander McQueen,, and Saks Fifth Avenue. All of the disputes were settled, and no similar designs have been released by said companies since. Looks like once you mess with the Angels, you really learn your lesson.

If you ask me, there are loads of smarter, safer ways to look fierce without getting yourself into trouble with these guys. No, you don't have to accessorize with studded belts, chains, and heavy black eyeliner. It's all about wearing clothes that give you confidence. That confidence will radiate to those around you and give you an extra oomph that no amount of Hells Angels paraphernalia can. 

What do you think of the Hells Angels T-shirt?


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