'Project Runway' Recap: Run Far Away From These Catty Teammates!

josh mckinley becky fight on project runway season 9 episode 5Wow, guys. Seems tonight's episode of Project Runway had one mission only: To make us feel like we were back in junior high. Guh! First, they started off with a totally embarrassing phys. ed.-ish challenge: Race around a track and the top four finishers were to become the captains of three-person teams. Designers running? Come again? I wasn't sure if I was accidentally watching Biggest Loser. But anyway. There was some minimal drama on and off the track, like Cecilia peace-ing out because she was just an unhappy sourpuss who wasn't feelin' the competition anymore. (Yes, please, GO HOME!) And Olivier tripped and then passed out! Poor kid! Oh, and Josh C. is back, because that's how this season works -- Heidi can just change things with a snap of her rail-thin bones fingers.

Those "OMG" moments paled in comparison to what was to come after.


Heidi told the teams she wanted them to design three looks each to go with her specially designed New Balance sneakers. The winning looks would be sold with her New Balance line on Amazon. Squee!

Well, right off the bat, the teams with the most obvious problems were Josh McKinley's (including Anya and Becky) and Anthony Ryan's (Lauren and Bert). From the outset, like a bossy diva, Josh had made up his mind not to listen to any of Becky's suggestions. He eventually told her to HER FACE that her style was "dowdy," "dumpy," "not cool," etc. My fave, which was uttered behind Becky's back, but surely got back to her: "Her demographic is 40 to DEATH!!" Oooouch. I know he's too fabulous for everyone else there, but did he have to be so harsh?! Poor Becky felt like he treated her like an intern, making her sew everything. Oh, BTW, we totally saw Anya asking for help in that department again. Ugh!

Before you knew it, Becky had run off to the little girls' room to bawl her eyes out, Anya chased after to console her, and Josh ended up in there later to say he was sorry. Oh man! It was like a scene straight out of Mean Girls.

Meanwhile, Bert refused to do anything as part of a team, but Anthony Ryan couldn't really get it together, and so all of their styles (save Bert's actually) ended up looking frumptacular. Anthony Ryan's cameltoe and butt cameltoe shorts were the WORST! But I did want to gouge Bert's eyes out the whole time, especially when he said something about how he was going to make "clean, fresh" styles, "not like [something from] the Midwest or wherever the hell they're from!" Wow. What a self-absorbed L.A. douche.

Oh, but the best part of THAT whole mess was when Bert came to blows with JOSH M.! OMG. Fighting over a sewing machine, Bert squawked, "DROP DEAD!" Bhahahahahaha.

Oh yes, but there was fashion in the show too. Despite acting like the Queen Bee Mean Girl, Josh M. won for his funky looks, including a fringey vest over a top and some shorts (meh) and a maxi dress that was attributed to Anya (even though she can't sew jersey knit ... hrrrmmm!). Viktor also won -- another Heidi trick -- for his motorcycle jacket (which was totally hot), and I was happy to see Bryce got props for his chic futuristic-meets-mod shift dress. Then Danielle went home, because she was boring and way too in love with chiffon. She didn't seem too heartbroken, and neither was I.

All I ask is one thing: Next week, could the fashion be on the same level as the out-of-control cattiness?! Sheesh!

What'd you think about the junior high-ish behavior on tonight's PR?


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