How to Make Your Look Festive for the Holidays

winter styleI hear those sleigh bells ringing, jing ting tingaling, too, which means it's high time we bust out the festive holiday styles we've kept in the back of our closets for the last eleven and a half months. And I am not talking about those 3-D sweaters with the red pom-pom for Rudolph's nose. No. Leave those sweaters where they are. In fact, burn them if you can. But I digress.

The subject at hand is how to look festive for the holidays. It's trickier than you think. Because those Christmas ornament ball earrings? Not festive. Those red plaid tights? Very festive. Let's review.


There's a fine line between looking like a costumey elf and looking like you're showing a little holiday cheer. Anything that can hang from a tree, or a doorknob, or a mantel does not belong on your person. I'm talking about ornaments, holly, tinsel, and the ilk. Those are great home accessories, not great style accessories.

What is appropriate fashion flare for the holidays is more subtle. If you're shy about red plaid tights under a gray tulle skirt, try winter whites. A gorgeous, over-sized, soft white pullover makes you look cozy and chic. Winter white is also a wonderful color for a dress, too. Put on some black pumps, a red or hot pink scarf, and silver accessories, and you'll be the belle of the holiday ball.

Another accessible way to look festive this season is to add in some metallics to your wardrobe. Anything shiny and shimmery shows you're ready to celebrate. Gold or silver metallic shoes, bags, hair clips, and jewelry can really cheer up any outfit.

Last but not least, a red lip is always in style, but when you pair it with winter whites or light grays, bam. Festive. Stay away from blue, green, silver, and gold lipstick colors; they are not your friends. Also avoid glittery eye shadow and blushes. I know how tempting it is to do a heavy glitter eye in the name of the holidays, but if you're over 12 years old, sorry, it's a no-go.

Granted, there's always a time and a place for a sweater that lights up and plays "Jingle Bells."

What's your favorite way to look festive during the holidays?


Photo via seanmcgrath/Flickr

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