6 Must-Have Fall Fashion & Beauty Items

fall colorsEver notice how back-to-school shopping gets all the hype this time of year? It's pencils this and calculators that. You'd think kids invented fall shopping. And you'd be wrong. The first crunch of leaves underfoot, and I know it's time to hit the mall for fall ... for you.

The beauty of fall isn't just in the colors on the trees (and the ground). Fall fashion and beauty must-haves will make you feel all warm and cozy even as the temperature takes a dive. Don't want to overhaul your whole closet and medicine cabinet? At least make sure you hit the basics:


Dark Nail Polish. It's time to bid that pretty pink goodbye and go for something down to earth. Literally. Earthy tones are best for this time of year. Chocolates. Deep reds like the leaves.

A Heavier Perfume. Summer's all about the light and floaty, but the dip in temperature means it's time to put away the flirty in favor of something that warms you up.

A Pair of Brown Mid-heel Boots. Farewell flip-flops. Hello fabulous! Wear them with a pair of skinny jeans tucked in or enjoy one of those weird weather days when you can still rock the floaty dress but need a little warmth on your tootsies.

A Fitted Jacket. The puffy "I have no shape but at least I'm warm darnit" coats will come soon enough, but you don't have to dive into winter wear just yet. Prove you actually have a feminine shape while you get the warmth of the extra layer.

A Bigger Bag. Think of all the extra things that inclement weather forces you to carry -- umbrellas, spare gloves, etc. -- and you've got a ready excuse to buy a new purse. Like you really need one?

Jeans. It's a sad day when you pack the shorts away, but a flattering pair of jeans can take you from day to night and back again. Word has it flares are back!

What are your must-haves for fall?


Image via kevindooley/Flickr

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