Kim Kardashian's Extreme Pre-Wedding Beauty Regimen Made a Difference

kim kardashianFrom consulting several times with dress designer Vera Wang to participating in boot camp-like workouts, we already know Kim Kardashian did a HELLUVA lot to prepare for her wedding last weekend. But word is out that she spent more than the "usual" amount of time on one beauty-related detail: Her eyebrows. Yup, apparently, she had a full-on "Brow Shape Countdown" with eyebrow uber-expert Anastasia Soare (of Anastasia Beverly Hills fame).

Anastasia told OK! magazine she saw Kim three times this month alone, "making sure every hair is where it should be." The night before the wedding, she only tweezed the bride, because she didn't want to risk any redness. Kim even tweeted a photo of Anastasia primping her the night before the wedding, writing, "Late night eyebrows by Anastasia! Check out her light mouthpiece to get a close up of my brows! LOL”

Wow, intense! It's enough to make you think Kim might be, err, somewhat high-maintenance?


But actually, I don't think so.

All the attention Kim paid her eyebrows is totally normal and reasonable. For one, because your brow shape can totally make or break your look and your face. Slap a unibrow on an otherwise fresh faced, gorgeous bride, and it's a horror show! Even a few stray hairs or a slightly higher arch on one brow vs. the other can be really embarrassing or, at the very least, detract from your bridal beauty.

What's more, I'll bet Kim, with her Armenian roots, is a lot like my Greek, Arab, or Italian girlfriends and me! We, errm, "naturally hirsute" ladies require serious maintenance to keep unruly hair growth in check. Personally, I have no choice but to prioritize getting threaded just about every three weeks. And seeing an aesthetician on a bi-weekly or tri-weekly basis is business as usual for many women who are unfortunate to have facial hair that grows like weeds. (Ugh. Being a member of that club is NO picnic!) Because without the close maintenance, we could end up with big, crazy-bushy brows, which isn't exactly cute -- especially on your wedding day!

See, the power of eyebrow grooming is really underestimated. If Kim was acting like a nit-picky diva about her brows before her big day, I totally get it. For most women, when it comes to beauty, your brows are NOT an acceptable area to skimp time or money on. 

Do you think Kim's brow countdown was high-maintenance?


Image via Jason Merritt/Getty

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