Jennifer Lopez Wears Granny Panties, and We Love Her for It

Jennifer LopezJennifer Lopez always looks so glamorous, and this recent video shoot for her new song "Papi" was no exception.

With her sophisticated green dress, flowing tresses and perfectly made-up face, it's hard to believe this celebrity wonder woman is a mother of twins.

At least until you look at all the behind-the-scenes photos from this shoot.

Photographers caught J. Lo in a Marilyn Monroe moment, when the wind picked up her skirts.

And you won't believe what she was wearing underneath ....

Granny panties!


Granny panties!

Underneath that celebrity veneer, she really is still Jenny from the Block ... and she needs support panties to keep it all in place, just like the rest of us do!

The Daily Mail actually ran an entire story on the panty shot, complete with fully blown-up photos so you can see the awful undies for yourself.

I suspect they are Spanx Higher Power briefs (Bliss, $36), which, if you haven't tried them, are to die for.


Not that I would know this PERSONALLY. I'm just sayin.'

Anyway, I can't tell you how pleased I am to know that I'm not alone in my secret love for Spanx. It's easy to place celebrities on pedestals and imagine that they lead lives of physical perfection. Photos like these are a nice reminder that Jennifer needs a little extra help around the middle just like the rest of us moms do.

What do you think about J Lo's wardrobe malfunction?


Images via Splash News, Bliss

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Melis... Melissa042807

I think Spanx are the best invention EVER. Think celebrities have the perfect bodies under those Academy Awards gowns? Think again. That's a diet of lettuce and broth, a detoxifying wrap, and SPANX. Hah!

I remember being so glad when Spanx gained popularity and I had another option besides control-top pantyhose to keep things smoothed out when I needed it. I was in my late teens/early 20's and my friends made fun of me for my pantyhose, until we had a formal banquet and they were all stressing about how not to "jiggle" under their clingy gowns in their thongs. THEN I was the one they asked for tips! :-)

L1558 L1558

More power to her.

I hate Spanx and everything else like it. I want to be able to heed nature's call without any trouble (so unless they have crotch snaps, no thanks!), I also want to be able to breathe. These things are more important to me than looking like I have every single thing on my body smoothed out. I'm 32, so no major baggage if you will, but bodies are supposed to look natural.

Maybe I won't choose to wear clingy fabrics like jersey on my rear when I'm 50, if it bothers me so much. However, for formal occasions, thigh highs, hose, or tights are as far as I'm willing to take it. And then it's a "probably". Summer? Fuggitaboutit. Winter? Pantsuit, or long dress. Rest of the time? Boucle, knits, or jeans. I want to be comfortable, and you can still look good without friggin control underpants. No thanks to Spanx over here!

StOp.... StOp.PaJaMaTiMe

okay, forget the panties. the green dress was amazing, but who the hell put her in that skin colored button down and camp counselor shorts outfit?

if it's not flattering on jennifer lopez, there sure as hell isnt any hope for the rest of us...

Ember... Emberbaby

They don't look like spanxs to me. They look like boy shorts, which are actually more comfy for girls with bigger booties.

sweet... sweetcherry_59

I'm with stoppajamatime......I don't really care about the spanx but wtf was with that outfit?

RanaA... RanaAurora

Can't be those Spanx because of how low the dress comes, but either way, at least she's wearing some, right? :)

Daphne Hamm

She looks amazing no matter what she wears!

Samal... Samallama

Wow those pictures from the daily mail really show how much editing goes into things like videos lol. She still looks great, it's nice to see a celebrity with thighs like mine. 

Amber Houck

She also wears fur pretty often so granny panties or not, she's nothing to admire.

nonmember avatar Kathy

Great for her. Grannies are back (thank the Lord, I loathe thongs). Too bad in this case that she hadn't realized yet that slips are coming back in style too.

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