Jennifer Lopez Wears Granny Panties, and We Love Her for It

Jennifer LopezJennifer Lopez always looks so glamorous, and this recent video shoot for her new song "Papi" was no exception.

With her sophisticated green dress, flowing tresses and perfectly made-up face, it's hard to believe this celebrity wonder woman is a mother of twins.

At least until you look at all the behind-the-scenes photos from this shoot.

Photographers caught J. Lo in a Marilyn Monroe moment, when the wind picked up her skirts.

And you won't believe what she was wearing underneath ....


Granny panties!


Granny panties!

Underneath that celebrity veneer, she really is still Jenny from the Block ... and she needs support panties to keep it all in place, just like the rest of us do!

The Daily Mail actually ran an entire story on the panty shot, complete with fully blown-up photos so you can see the awful undies for yourself.

I suspect they are Spanx Higher Power briefs (Bliss, $36), which, if you haven't tried them, are to die for.


Not that I would know this PERSONALLY. I'm just sayin.'

Anyway, I can't tell you how pleased I am to know that I'm not alone in my secret love for Spanx. It's easy to place celebrities on pedestals and imagine that they lead lives of physical perfection. Photos like these are a nice reminder that Jennifer needs a little extra help around the middle just like the rest of us moms do.

What do you think about J Lo's wardrobe malfunction?


Images via Splash News, Bliss

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