Amy Winehouse Post-Death Clothing Line Is Morbid and Creepy

amy winehouseWith her untimely death at just 27, Amy Winehouse left the world with a lot of unfinished business. And a clothing line was among those things. See, Winehouse had collaborated with British fashion label Fred Perry on a collection that wasn't yet released before her passing. And now the company has decided to launch the line posthumously.

I've gotta be honest, this makes me a little uncomfortable.


The company said that the decision to release the collection -- which features tight, black mini dresses, skinny cigarette pants, and black and white houndstooth skirts -- was reached "with much consideration" and "with the blessing of Winehouse's family." I still say it's a little creepy.

I mean, I understand that the collection was completed. It's like, what are they going to do with all those designs and clothes, right? But the truth of the matter is, Fred Perry is out to make some serious coin. Like most business-people -- which is typically okay. As long as it's not at the expense of a deceased person or tragedy. (Yeah, those 9-11 t-shirts and belt buckles? Tacky.)

If the profits from the clothing -- which, let's be honest, will be plentiful -- were going toward some sort of charity or foundation, this wouldn't be so ooky. But the fact that they're not -- and Fred Perry is just cashing in on the singer's death? It just makes the whole thing gross.

And it's a shame, because some of the designs are sort of cool. Check it out.

amy winehouse fred perry

I mean, I personally don't think I'd wear this, but for someone who's much brasher than I, I think it's really cute. And really Amy.

amy winehouse fred perry

Okay, this? I'd totally wear. Not necessarily together, but I really like both pieces. Sort of preppy with a dash of rock 'n' roll.

amy winehouse fred perry

Love! Love the boat neck, love the collar, love the black, skinny pants. I'd totally wear.

Except I won't. Because, like I said, this whole thing freaks me out.

Would you buy Amy Winehouse's collection for Fred Perry?


Images via petercruise/Flickr/Fred Perry

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