Lea Michele ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ Cover Is the Best of the September Issues (PHOTOS)

september issues

I really think the calendar year should end on August 31, not December 31. Fall is just a time of renewal and rebirth -- the change of season, the new school year, the new clothes -- it's all so refreshing (the Jews are totally on to something with Rosh Hashanah falling in September). While celebrating New Year's next week may sound weird to some of you, I'll be toasting to fall with a whiskey lemonade while thumbing through the giant September issues of my favorite fashion magazines. With over 100 million combined pages of the latest and greatest in fall fashion, there's a lot to look forward to when summer ends.

That said, it's hard to decide which magazine to pick up first. Do I start heavy and go light, Vogue to Marie Claire style? Or the other way around? Truth be told, I usually start with whichever mag's got the best cover.

So! Let's take a look at the eight September issues and decide which to pick up first.


gwyneth paltrow
Gwyneth Paltrow covers American Elle, and I'm intrigued. I love reading about her life -- she's so perfect! -- and learning all her tricks for great gazpacho and great abs. Plus, I think they talk about Glee in the article. Bonus!

kate moss vogue

Kate Moss' American Vogue cover is a little annoying. How could she have the most romantic wedding of the year -- shouldn't that title belong to that other British Kate who married a prince?

charlotte casiraghi

On the other hand, French Vogue's cover girl Charlotte Casiraghi is someone I want to read about. Where's my French English dictionary?

emma stone teen vogue

And then there's Teen Vogue. I'm embarrassed to say this is my go-to read for short airplane trips. They have great photos and approachable beauty tips.

sjp marie claire

Hmm. I am really not that into this cover. It reminds me of Valentine's Day and there's way too much text on the front. I'm overwhelmed.

kristen stewart

Kristin Stewart "vamped" it up for her W cover, and I die for it.

beyonce harpers bazaar

Beyonce is indeed strictly sexy on her Harper's Bazaar UK cover. I need to see that photo spread NOW, if not sooner.

lea michele

Lea Michele doesn't look anything but beautiful on Harper Bazaar's September issue, and I am very interested in their "Best Dressed" article.

So ... I think I'll start with Lea on Harper's! It seems like a meaty yet light enough place to start, and I'm curious about her photo shoots, and really want to read each article they tease on the cover. Lady Gaga interviews Debbie Harry? Sa-weet!

Happy "New Year," everyone. And happy reading!

Which September issue do you want to read?

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