Dying to Try: The Laundress New York for J.Crew Products

J.CrewOrdinarily, I buy whatever's cheapest when it comes to laundering my clothes (I'm personally partial to Arm & Hammer and the Kroger knockoff of Oxi-Clean).

But when it comes to my special pieces, I'm willing to splurge to properly care for them.

That's why I'm excited to try The Laundress New York for J.Crew's new line.

This cashmere wash (J.Crew, $18) is specially formulated to let you hand-wash your cashmere sweaters, rather than taking them into the dry cleaner for an expensive cleaning.

While the bottle is pricey, I'd only use the bottle a couple of times a year so, for me, it's worth it.

And if you're a cleaning product fanatic like me, you'll be happy to know that there are several other products in this line that are even more interesting!

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I'm even more excited about this cashmere spray (J.Crew, $10). Washing cashmere is fairly labor intensive; this spray helps freshen up your cashmere in between washings. I rarely wash my one precious cashmere sweater simply because I don't wear it that often, so this spray would be perfect.


J.CrewI'm completely obsessed with this sweater comb (J.Crew, $18), which J.Crew claims is the best pill remover on the market. I don't know about you, but I HATE when my sweaters pill and if this removes them, then YAY.


J.CrewThis clothing brush (J.Crew, $60) is a true investment. It's made with boar bristles and designed to last a lifetime. And if you're a fan of the lint roller, I'm guessing you'd probably end up spending more on replacing those over the years than on one lint brush. Hmmmm ...

The products I'm most likely to buy are the sweater comb and the cashmere spray. Those are two things I haven't seen anywhere else.

What about you? Would you consider buying these products? And what are your best secrets for caring for your clothes?


Images via J.Crew

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