You Won’t Believe How Much Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Dresses Cost (PHOTOS)

kim kardashian weddingIs it October yet? Because I really can't wait for Kim Kardashian's four-hour wedding special to be aired on E! I just need things to be settled, you know? Like for example, I need to know what her dress looked like in full HD bliss. I need to know what her sisters wore, I need to know what her mother wore, I need to know what Seacrest wore. But thanks to the power of the Internet, we can all speculate about the dresses, and thanks to the power of Us Weekly, we've got a rumor that Kim's wedding day dresses cost close to $150,000. Kostly, no?

For $150K you could buy a house, or you could buy Kim's wedding dress -- her four bridesmaids dresses, Kris Jenner's dress, and Kris Humphries' mom's dress. House? Dresses. House? Dresses.



Nooo brainer there. What would I do with a house? Sleep in it? Come on, what a waste.

kim kardashian wedding
Kim's wedding dress.

While I'm willing to shell out the kash for the bridal Kardashian sartorial sensations, I don't think the Kardashians themselves would be wiling to pay that much. I would assume that they got all the Vera Wang gowns for free, right? I don't know if Wang donated them in exchange for the free publicity or if E! bought them, but I doubt Kim whipped out her check book.

The thing is that Kim's ivory gown that she walked down the aisle in didn't look that pricey. And the Kardashians aren't really known for their understatement, so the fact that Kim wore a custom made gown that cost $25,000 that showed no signs of expense is a surprise. I know the fabric and the tailoring and the this and that are what added up to $25K, but were you as shocked as I was by its simplicity? Or you didn't even notice the dress, did you. You were distracted by her Princess Jasmine from Aladdin headpiece. Gotcha.

kim kardashian wedding
Kim's reception dress.

Kim reportedly had three dress changes during her wedding -- all three Vera Wang, all three ivory. Her reception gown was sleek and sexy, a style we're familiar seeing Kim wear, with a low-cut top and fitted bodice. It was said to have a mermaid cut with Chantilly lace.

I don't know, I'm left feeling a little underwhelmed by Kim's wedding attire along with her bridal party's ... but that's why I can't wait to see the special. I need to see it completely and full-on.

kim kardashian wedding
Kylie, Kris, and Kendall Jenner

What do you think of Kim's dresses?

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