Drunk Football Fans Won't Care About Old Navy's Bad T-Shirt Grammar

old navy shirtsIt's true, I did learn a lot of things in college. Aside from the fact that you can't microwave Styrofoam and there is such a thing as too much caffeine, I also I learned about my love of everything that is college football. The tailgating, the competitive spirit, and most of all -- the clothes! What college chiquita doesn't love dressing up in her school colors and throwing on some face paint to boot? Which is why I'm sending major kudos to Old Navy today for their newest line of women's "Let's Go!!" college team tees! Totally perfect for game day, if you ask me.

Well, sort of. Aside from the fact that they don't have my alma mater (let's go, HUSKIES!), there's one other eensy problem: Old Navy's spelling. Or rather, misspelling. On all 15 T-shirts.

Lets go, anyone?


Yup. The fact-checkers at Old Navy have gotta be killing themselves right about now. Instead of writing "Let's Go!!" -- which I'll note is correctly spelled on their website in the item description -- all the shirts feature "Lets go!!" without the apostrophe. Where are the grammar police when you need them?

It's comical, don't you think? A misspelling on a shirt that's referring to college football? You know, that popular place where you go to learn and further your education? Sure, companies make mistakes all the time and misspellings happen -- but the fact that there are 15 different T-shirt designs in this collection and no one caught the error just adds insult to injury.

The question of whether or not the shirts will still sell, however, is a whole different ballgame. Sure, the bad grammar is annoying. But I'm assuming rowdy football fans are going to be too busy enjoying game-day "festivities" to notice. It's more important that you're comfortable meandering from tailgate to tailgate, right? Plus, these shirts are pretty cute. Non-offensive women's sports apparel is a dime a dozen these days. So what the hey, right?

What do you think of Old Navy's screw-up?

Image via Old Navy

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