Victoria Beckham Ordered to Wear Flats During Fashion Week

Victoria Beckham

Poor Posh.

The notorious publicity lover has been out of the picture since giving birth to a daughter recently, and as it turns out, the reason is that she has been in excruciating pain from a slipped disc.

But the news only gets worse from there.


Doctors have ordered her to only wear flats, in order to avoid aggravating her injury ...

... even during New York Fashion Week, when she's set to debut her Spring/Summer 2012 collection.

What's a stylista to do?!

This is definitely going to be difficult for Victoria, who wears some of the highest designer platform stilettos that I've ever seen. I wouldn't be at all surprised if she opts to skip Fashion Week altogether.

Besides, who'd want to go anywhere at all with a slipped disc? Better to rest and mend quickly so that she can be back to her old self (and in her old heels) for good.

According to London's Mirror, Victoria has been quoted at various times saying that she hates the gym because she can't wear heels there, that she's "beyond hating" ballet flats, and that she "can't concentrate" unless she's wearing six-inch heels.

Being ordered to wear flats must be the worst punishment she can think of!

Victoria is rumored to be frantically searching the web right now, looking for flats suitable enough to be worn on her uber-stylish feet.

Do you feel her pain?


Image via sahbapasta/Flickr

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