How to Be Stylishly Pregnant: A Real Life Lesson

Heather FlettI'll be the first to admit that I was not one of those pretty pregnant girls.

Both times, I gained weight pretty much everywhere. I consider my pregnancy photos to be suitable only for blackmail. And I envied pregnant women whose stomachs got bigger while the rest of them stayed all nice and petite.

"Rookie Mom" Heather Flett (who's now on her third and no longer a rookie at all) is one of those people. At the BlogHer '11 conference a few weeks ago, I marveled every time I saw her at how pretty she was. She is 35 WEEKS PREGNANT, you guys. Can you believe it?! Her maternity clothes were DIVINE.

Check them all out after the jump.


First off, let's talk about this lovely blue dress. It was so lovely that it almost made me wish I were pregnant again, just so that I could wear it.

As it turns out, this dress was sent to Heather to try out and review, and review it she did here. It's $100, which isn't bad for a special occasion maternity dress and Y'ALL. It seriously was beautiful and sooooo flattering.

BlogHerNext, I saw Heather at a disco party. Here is what she was wearing.

Now, I know I JUST said yesterday that women should stop showing their bras in public, but Heather managed to make it work. Why? Because she's pregnant. That's why. It was unexpected and, paired with skinny maternity jeans (it feels weird even writing those words together), it worked. She looked adorable on the dance floor. The top, apparently, belongs to Heather's friend and fellow Rookie Mom Whitney (on the left). She got it a few years ago from H&M. Way to make the non-maternity wear work, Heather!


Heather FlettBy day, Heather managed to be comfy AND cute. I LOVE this striped tee with a green skirt and the scarf is a nice touch as well.


CheeseburgHerFinally, at the CheesburgHer party I hosted at BlogHer '11 on Saturday night, Heather looked stunning in a little black (maternity) dress. The moustache was a nice touch as well, don't you think?

And that, ladies, is HOW IT'S DONE.

The pregnant edition!

What do you think of Heather's maternity looks?


Images via Rookie Moms

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