Lindsay Lohan Wore Pippa Middleton’s Dress to Kardashian Wedding

lindsay lohan
The actress a few months ago, pre-Botox overload.
Kim Kardashian wed Kris Humphries this Saturday (didya hear?!), and Lindsay Lohan decided to show up incognito for the bash. It was a twofer -- she disguised her face as Melanie Griffith and disguised her body as Pippa Middleton. LiLo! Always full of tricks.

The 25-year-old starlet filled each and every pore in her face with enough Botox to preserve all the geriatrics in the state of Florida, and she wore the same dress that Pippa wore to sister Kate's wedding reception. I have no idea what Linds was thinking.


You know things are bad when Dina Lohan looks like the young, classy one when compared to daughter Lindsay.

Let's start with Lindsay's first disguise: her face. OK. When you first look at the photos, you think, "How do I know that girl?" Then when you realize who it is, your second thought is, "Holy bee stings! Did LiLo survive an epic hornet attack?" Then your third thought is, "Ohmygod ohmygod ohymygod. Why why why why why." Honestly? It's sad. She used to be a beautiful young woman, now she's a puffy old mafia wife whose biggest night of the year is some charity event at the Brownstone. Forget alcohol addiction, Lindsay's addicted to the needle. The Botox needle. And she needs to be saved.

Her second disguise was her dress. Lindsay wore in white the Alice Temperley gown that Pippa wore in green. If you ask me, both dresses look they cost no more than $20 at Wet Seal, but I guess it's a popular look. Anyway, why would LiLo wear the same dress to "America's royal wedding" (as if) as Pippa wore to Britain's royal wedding? I do not get it.

I wonder if anyone at the wedding was like, "What's Melanie Griffith doing here in Pippa's gown?" Because after the bee sting attack, that's pretty much the only explanation for Lindsay's Kardashian wedding outfit.

What do you think?

Photo via Steve Lovekin/Getty

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