This Designer May Be Having a Serious Identity Crisis

marc jacobsMarc Jacobs, designer of indie starlets' dreams, is thinking about making a move. A major move. The fashion juggernaut is allegedly in talks with fashion house Christian Dior to succeed Hitler-lover himself, John Galliano, as the company's creative director.

Jacobs' contract at his current gig -- Louis Vuitton -- is ending and, before renewing, reliable sources are saying that he's being vetting for the job. If all goes as planned, he and his gay-porn loving business partner, Robert Duffy, will be at Dior in no time.

Part of me sort of likes the idea of Jacobs at Dior (not that I can afford that stuff or anything). He might be able to add a touch of quirkiness to the label. But this is a little weird, wouldn't you agree? It's like, Marc, dude, you're all over the place.


The designer really made a name for himself a few years ago with his eponymous label. His stuff was cute, wearable, and a tad "little girl." Picture Marc Jacobs' poster girl, Sophia Coppola. It was all about short, flouncy dresses in tan or navy with a pair of flats. (And who could forget his bags that ladies went gaga for?)

Then he focused on Louis Vuitton, a brand way more high-end, and fancy, and totally out of this blogger's price range. The clothes still kept a hint of MJ-ness -- Peter Pan collars, dark colors -- but they had more of an edge -- see-through leotards, giant fur sleeves.

And now here he is, thinking about making the move to Dior. What part of his style will he bring there? No doubt his signature "Marc Jacobs" look is a bit watered down after years at Louis Vuitton. It's sort of like, will the real Marc Jacobs please stand up?

I think it's cool that Marc's been able to hop from fashion house to fashion house, but part of me wishes he just stayed at Marc Jacobs all along and evolved those clothes. Who knows what kind of awesome, wearable stuff would have come out of that? He's getting a little too fancy for my taste -- and he seems totally different from the designer he once was.

Like I said, though, I really can't afford Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, or Christian Dior. So when all is said and done, his career path really has no bearing on my life.

What do you think about Marc Jacobs going to Dior? Do you care?

Image via flyheatherfly/Flickr

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